Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Obama Side-steps Congress Again

It has happened quietly and no one has noticed.

Granted, centralized planning is bad. Removing centralized planning is good. However, it needs to be done the way the Constitution is designed. A bad law or act needs to be repealed or struck down. We can not let the President just remake the laws without the other branches. But he is doing it and no one cares.

What has the President done this time? He has killed "No Child Left Behind" (NCLB). Yes, NCLB is still there, but it might as well not be. As of July 6th the Obama Administration has given two more states waivers for NCLB. This means that over half of the states no longer need to comply.

When less than half the states are still under a law written for every state, what is really there to stop them from disobeying the law. If most of the states are no longer under it, is it really a law/act? Hasn't it just lost all of its power?

Unless there are funding strings that can only be undone by a waiver, which I believe there is (yes, I need to research this more), the law is dead. Instead of submitting a plan to replace NCLB or pushing Congress to repeal it, President Obama has side-stepped Congress and killed it by himself and no one noticed.

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