Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crazy Grants : July 9th

Platte River Recovery and Implementation Program $11,700,000
This is not an announcement for competition but intent to award the money to the Nebraska Community Foundation. The Nebraska Community Foundation is a charity. Why is the government giving our tax dollars to a charity?
Water Quality Monitoring in Montana $475,000
Monitor water quality for the Bureau of Land Management. How is this not part of what they do? Why are they out-sourcing?
Social and Behavioral Interventions to Increase Solid Organ Donation $1,250,000
Come up with ways to get more people to donate organs. This is EASY! Let people SELL their organs or bequeath them to their family for sale after their death! DONE! Can I have the $1,250,000 now?
Affordable Care Act - Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program $12,000,000
Remember, ACA is ObamaCare. Funding "house calls" for the needy. Although it sounds like a good idea, it is the government getting involved in funding for people to go into your home. There are several types of families qualified for visits. One type of qualified family is where there is tobacco use. Another type of family is where the kids under-achieve in school. Sounds like ObamaCare weaseling into education.
CDC's National Undergraduate Student Program: A Public Health Workplace Experience to Increase Student Interest in Public Health $3,200,000
Only for : African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian Americans, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islanders, or American Indian and Alaska Native.
Within the CDC mission statement:
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has identified increasing the number of minority health professionals as a key strategy to eliminate health disparities. Diversity among health professionals improves access to care among racial and ethnic minorities, in regards to: patient choice and satisfaction, patient-clinician communication, health care quality, and certain other healthcare processes and outcomes.
In other words, a person's race affects the quality of care they can give.

Today's Total $28,625,000

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