Thursday, May 23, 2013

RantWithJeff says what we think about immigration policy

Monday, May 20, 2013

Department of Energy to give technical assistance on burning Wood and Poo Poo?

Maybe I am reading the post wrong at the Department of Energy, but this does not sound like "Clean Energy."

The DoEnergy is giving technical assistance to five Native Alaskan and Native American tribes on clean energy projects. All of them raise my eyebrows.

Chugachmiut Regional Corporation
The corporation plans to replace a local, community-scale hot water distribution system with a new energy-efficient biomass plant, which will use local wood to generate power for community buildings in the Native Village of Port Graham.

Wood? The only way I know how to use wood for energy is to burn it. They need technical assistance to burn wood? And how is that clean or environmentally friendly? You kill trees and put smoke in the air!

Ho-Chunk Nation
The Ho-Chunk Nation will receive technical assistance with the development of a one to two megawatt biomass waste-to-energy plant. The plant could potentially use municipal solid waste, agriculture waste or other biomass resources to offset tribal facility energy costs.

Municipal solid waste will be used for energy. Wow. When I think of clean energy I don't usually think of poop.

Then the remaining tribes get assistance on solar energy. I probably don't need to remind you the government's success rate when they are involved in solar energy.

Will North Carolina Ban Internet Sales?

Okay. Maybe the title is a bit of an exaggeration, but it is not far off.

Car dealerships feel threatened by online sales of the Tesla so they are sponsoring a law that would only allow dealerships to sell new cars.

If this passes kiss Internet shopping goodbye. It is called precedence.

Department of Education spends more during the Sequester

Calling out more spending during the sequester. Have to do it because we heard how much the sequester would hurt education.

Where's the hurt?

Date Project Amount
February 25 Improve lowest-performing schools $15,000,000
March 7 Baltimore School Shooting Recovery $35,000
March 11 School Improvement Grants (SIG) $69,600,000
March 27 2013 Investing in Innovation Competition $150,000,000
April 16 Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge $370,000,000
April 19 TAACCCT $474,500,000
April 19 Project SERV Grant $48,000
May 20 Arizona SIG $10,400,000

TOTAL $1,089,583,000

Sunday, May 19, 2013

RantWithJeff Delineates Apples and Oranges

Homeland Securities and White Terrorists

This is not big news that Homeland Security has a campaign "If You See Something, Say Something." You probably already know there was a video produced that portrays terrorists as white men, not middle-eastern heritage.

Why am I bringing this up?

Department of Homeland Security homepage currently has as its top link this program with the video. Really?

Would you like to embed this video? Here is the necessary HTML.

1 2

Zonation gives a heads up on a good documentary

Some more of Joe Dan's Intellectual Froglegs

Monday, May 6, 2013

It's the Sequester and spending is for the birds.

Since the sequester gets blamed for the closing of White House tours, cutting air traffic controllers, and delayed flights, I must point out stupid spending when government blogs go about advertising their spending as if it were a good thing. So what is it today?

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is spending $3.5 million on conservation projects across the Americas to boost the number of birds. That's not in the U.S. but the Americas.

Who does this include receiving money? Panama, Paraguay, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

At some point we need to spend money on people instead of birds. Really, the government needs to stop spending money. But if we are in financial problems we really shouldn't be giving money to other countries to spend on birds. If they want to save the birds they can spend their own tax dollars, not ours!

How did we get here? The government is crying broke, cuts back on industries that makes money ( air travel ), and spends it on birds!? Even if the country didn't have economic problems the government shouldn't be spending money on this, much less sending money to other countries for it.

Face it. Obama and the administration does not care about you.

Gold Standard Explained

Do you watch NewsBusted?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Solar Cells for a Dark Village

Just got to love how the government keeps throwing money around while they complain about the sequester.

Up to $250,000 is available to five different Alaskan Native villages each for "clean" energy improvements. Yeah. $1,250,000 more is planned to be dumped into "clean" energy because the government has such a good record on its energy policy as of late.

Here's one of the specifics laid out in the blog post.
Native Village of Minto will receive assistance to identify energy efficiency, biomass, and solar energy opportunities.
Did you catch that?

Alaska, which probably needs more energy in the winter to heat their homes than energy for air-conditioning in the summer. Do you need air-conditioning in the summer in Alaska? Just asking.

So money will be dumped into solar energy for a village when their most energy critical needs are in the winter when the sun doesn't even rise.

Yeah. I have no idea how our government keeps losing money on solar energy with their super smart choices.

More Sequester Spending

How bad is the Department of Education? Well, they don't understand the meaning of sequester.

Sorry to say it but they announced more spending, again.

The topic of the DoEd's post says it all:
U.S. Department of Education Awards More Than $48,000 to Help Vermont’s Windham Central Supervisory Union Recover From Teen Suicide
Yes it's a shame a kid committed suicide. But it happens.

Is the right step though to take $48,000 from tax payers and give it to the school district? For what? Nothing was destroyed.

But there are children's psyches to consider. We need to help them!
  • Yeah. There's nothing more convenient than a strawman argument.

I have some free therapy I found on youtube. You're welcome.

Here's the current tally of sequester spending damage from the DoEd alone.

Date Project Amount
February 25 Improve lowest-performing schools $15,000,000
March 7 Baltimore School Shooting Recovery $35,000
March 11 School Improvement Grants (SIG) $69,600,000
March 27 2013 Investing in Innovation Competition $150,000,000
April 16 Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge $370,000,000
April 19 TAACCCT $474,500,000
April 19 Project SERV Grant $48,000

TOTAL $1,079,183,000

No Nationalized Background Checks!

Why are so many people for a nationalized background check for guns? Because they are not thinking it through. Let this happen and the government will draw up a list of potential enemies of the state; the one's that want to protect themselves from the state.