Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bob's Apathetic Gay Anger :: or :: Marriage is Gay, Good Luck Women!

Once in a while Bob does a rant that is lack luster. It is not because he doesn't care but the topic is so worn out it is passé. It is like beating a dead horse, but you wouldn't want to do that. What would "Taco Bell" put in their taco's then?

After the President evolved into gay marriage because his Vice President came out for it before him makes there being a gay athlete as ho-hum as wheat bread. I'd say white bread but it is almost more scarce, or at least has definite less consideration.

And how sad is that? When Obama promised "Hope & Change" when he ran against McCain he chose a "partner" every bit as white and old as McCain? And he came out for gay marriage before Obama!

It's not like marriage was defined to slight homosexuals. Society did that. Society and religion shames man into marriage because you are not a man if you shirk your responsibilities.

God took a rib from man to make a woman. He never took another portion of bone(r) to create another special friend.

Even more crazy is that religion finds a place for polygamy, not homosexuality. Religions are against homosexuality.

Fine. We will move against our moral constructs. Part of the moral construct, polygamy, is still considered illegal, but we will legalize part of the immoral construct?

So her we are. Gays should get married?

Woman: I'm pregnant.
Man: So?
Woman: Shouldn't we get married?
Man: That's soooooo gay!

Yeah progressivism!

Don't worry. Government will step in place of the Dad and provide. But then again, wasn't that already a growing problem?

Aren't we just exasperating the problem now?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Trifecta on the Sequester

Stephen Green has a brilliant solution.

Save the Whales and Go to Jail

The official position of the federal government is starve wild marine life. If you feed wild marine life you go to jail.
Nancy Black of Monterey, Calif. pleaded guilty to one count of violating the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA), specifically the MMPA’s feeding prohibition. The MMPA regulations make it a crime to feed marine mammals in the wild. The prohibition applies to commercial and recreational boaters, and applies to all species of marine mammals.

Have you ever thrown bread crumbs to carp to watch them come up and eat it? Yes? Well you are a freaking criminal.

What exactly did Nancy do?

Some killer whales killed a gray whale calf; they killed a baby whale. Nancy had her crew pull a chunk of baby whale out of the water. She took some of the killer whales food away. She deprived the killer whales of their hard work. Okee dokee. The government seems to be fine with that.

After some time the chunk of baby whale was given back to the rightful owners so that Nancy, the crew, and observers could watch the killer whales reclaim their kill. That was illegal.

How do you comment on this? This is just so ludicrous. Starve the whales, don't feed them and you're fine. Feed them and go to jail.

Shouldn't we see some hippies protesting this?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spike the One Billion Sequester Mark

Remember the sequester? The Department of Education remembers it and has blog posts about how it will hurt education and the kids. However, the DoEd just simply ignores its ramifications and spend, spends, spends.

Where is all the hurt I have heard about?

We now have $370 million for "Race to the Top-Early Learning" competition to get kids ready to learn or as the post said "close the school readiness gap." So this is money not even to teach but to get kids ready to learn.

The post is really interesting in that it brags about the billions it gets in Obama's proposed budget. But we cannot count proposed money. But we can laugh at its absurd levels.

The most recent DoEd post announced $474.5 million in spending. Somehow it is to make college workers skilled for the factory. Uhm ... 'scuze me?

Factory workers need to be skilled tradesmen. Skilled. But we keep pumping on book knowledge and not skills. In other words, we don't train people to work with their hands anymore.

Our education system has been turned upside down thinking a society needs only book learned people. If you cannot conform to a cubical, screw you.

But really, ...

We are giving up money to undo the eduction of people to be smart enough to not work in factories to learn the skills to work in a factory. Are you kidding me!?

This is the DoEd at work.

Date Project Amount
February 25 Improve lowest-performing schools $15,000,000
March 7 Baltimore School Shooting Recovery $35,000
March 11 School Improvement Grants (SIG) $69,600,000
March 27 2013 Investing in Innovation Competition $150,000,000
April 16 Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge $370,000,000
April 19 TAACCCT $474,500,000

TOTAL $1,079,135,000

Really? During the sequester we have tripled announced spending at the DoEd in one week over the previous months.

There is no sequester people. Only vampires about sucking your cash.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Bite Me Earth Day


So, ... here I am drunkard at my keyboard. A slight bit of research underhand that I slide back to the dealer. I don't care.

Get me off this freaking rock.

It seems that environmentalism is to keep all current species at a lock. No one evolves or dies out. How stupid is that!?

Survival of the fittest. It is how nature works but is evil when applied to the economics of people. How dare those that provide what people want make money! They should do it out of charity! Just as the doe should offer her neck to the wolf the corporation should offer its bank accounts to the consumer.

However strangely the corporation does. Investment! Through stocks the common people can invest and suck dividends out of a company. Yes. People suck.

Evil companies. People work for them, invest in them, and buy their products.

If you want to facebook, twitter, blog, or email someone you have complied to an evil corporation, or several corporations. Why not just send a simple letter? A hand written letter that goes by physical travel powered by petroleum?

Face it. If you want to be a part of this world you have to be a cog, if even part time. No one knows true innocence in it. Nor can one achieve it without going into forgetful oblivion.

The earth is not dying, nor are we. Change is happening. Extinction is change. So is the birth of a new species. We discover new species all the time. How many are recent evolutions, how many are old secrets?

Environmentalists are just a reflection of the old codgers they claim that conservatives are. Strange. Environmentalists want to conserve the earth. Conservatives want to conserve the eco-politico system. The outsider would say neither want change.

But change is inevitable.

Conservatives are trying to fight man changing things. Environmentalists are trying to fight nature changing things.

Cry and bite all you want that man is changing nature, but if nature did not invoke change itself, I would ride a T-rex to work instead of a car.

Suck it environmentalists. All species die. New ones rise. Why fight it?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

ObamaCare Steals from the Professionals and the Government Spends on the Amateurs

By now you probably have already heard about companies that make medical devices getting taxed more under ObamaCare. This tax will cut into the research private industry does.

What will become of the research and progress?

Government to the rescue!

How? A contest for undergraduate students that will compete for $10,000 in three different categories.

Instead of professionals that do this for a living and know what the demand of the market is, the government is taxing these professionals out of innovation and will give it to students to create stuff that the market may not even be demanding. Problem created and problem, ... what's the opposite of solved?