Sunday, January 17, 2016

Alluha Akbar, eh?

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Review of "Bordertown"

Reviewing a new show based on the first episode is not really that fair but sometimes the first episode can be so bad you cannot resist. Bordertown is such a show because of the initial distortion of current political topics.

But let's start with something good to say.

A unique animation style was created for the show and it works. I like it.

However, the writing is horrible. The first episode is dealing with today's mainstream politics and pop culture. The writers don't understand parody and use misrepresentation instead. The core of the episode deals with immigration and how people in a border town want to deport immigrants, not illegal immigrants but immigrants. It made me automatically hate the show by representing people that want laws upheld instead be represented as bigots.

There were some attempts at making fun of liberals but those jokes were bad or disgusting. Paraphrase: "I want you to impregnate me with your baby so I can fight for the right to abort it." Yeah. Abortion is legal in this country and the show takes place in California. She really needs to fight for an abortion.

There were a couple funny jokes, a chuckle worthy side story with a UFO, and a good parody of a mangina that just graduated from college.

Other than that I am crossing my fingers episode two actually had more time for the writers to actually develop some parodies and jokes.