Sunday, January 26, 2014

Embrace the Suck

Global Warming Promotes Global Peace

Having spent a lot of my life in Michigan I can tell you the idea of global warming is a welcome idea. I remember growing up and the climatologists were saying we were entering a new ice age or global cooling. Living in Michigan I knew that cold weather means the same as dead earth. Warmth is life.

So the arising warning in the 80's of global warming confused me and made me distrust the climatologists. The about-face caused the distrust. The panic confused me because we went from a warning of no ability to grow crops to longer growing seasons; that sounds good to me!

I muse on.

In cold weather you can always put on more clothes; in warmer weather we take them off.

Soldiers are not immune to this effect. I just don't see a bunch of naked soldiers firing upon each other, especially when we let women serve. Do you? Isn't that a bit of a distraction?

I know, I know. The Muslim nations don't let women serve. Well, if you didn't know this in the Muslim culture even though homosexuality is forbidden they say "women are for babies, boys are for fun."

If global warming is coming,

saddle up boys!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Don't Extend Unemployment

Why shouldn't we extend unemployment? The economy has recovered! Remember? Obama said he fixed it! So there's no need for unemployment. If the economy is fixed then there should be jobs.

Obama is a liar you say?

Fair enough.

We still shouldn't extend unemployment. Why? You voted for Obama! This is the economy and job market you wanted!

Enjoy your repercussions.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Grovel Shuffle

Alec Baldwin wondered if he cried when he apologized if it would have helped him.

Why is he wondering about crying? The Melissa Harris-Perry apology. Did you see it?

And what was this really offensive content she is apologizing for? This:

Should Melissa have apologized?

Unless she was the producer of the show, no. The worst she did was laugh at the jokes and mused about a future marriage between Kanye West's kid and Romney's grandchild; this is just an absurd pop icon mix.

The apology should come from the producer of the show and/or the comedians.

But was the commentary really that offensive? Am I calloused in thinking it was no big deal? All I saw was how they were bent on highlighting racial differences.

Would crying have helped Alec?

Probably not. Alec's show ratings were horrible. His poor remarks made it relatively easy to get rid of him.

In addition, we are in a bizarre hyper-sensitive state of social commentary crucifixion and lash-back.

Hyper-sensitive weenies

It seems to have started on the left and politically correct speech; sort of like Communist Russia where as gender identifying pronouns were replaced with comrade. Conservative speech in this vein has been marked as intolerant; people have been crucified in the press for stating political ideals that are different.

However the right has now jumped onto the hyper-sensitive bandwagon. They scream for the heads of people on the left that say things that would be met with rage if said by a conservative. The hypocrisy should be pointed out, but should people be fired over it? NO! Let the market take care of it.

We are seeing a cultural backlash with the Melissa apology, the Bashir resignation, and the Baldwin and Olbermann firings. Then there is the backlash to get Phil Robertson back onto his show in reaction to the over-reaction to his statements.

This mess over the comments made about the Romney family photo involved comedians. Sorry folks but sometimes comedy it a bit harsh. Are we going to have to have state approved jokes now? There is no way that the act Andrew Dice Clay became known for would be allowed today and yet back in his time he packed the house.

So why don't all of you weenies just relax and stop getting your undies bunched up over every little thing.

Or should I apologize for this post?

Would it help if I cry?

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