Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas

Everyone have a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cut the freaking spending!

This is Doug Altner. I thought he must be Yaron's son because he looks so much like him, but it looks like he isn't. Well, after a five minute google search I think that he isn't Yaron's love child.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

One Answer

There is no fiscal cliff

You heard me. There is no fiscal cliff.

This analogy of the cliff means you fall off and there is no going back. That's not true. Congress is always making laws. They don't stop and that is one of the problems! If we get a bad tax policy in place they can change it. If we spent too much money they can cut the budget.

But they don't and probably won't.

And so what if we go over this "fiscal cliff?" I am not one of those nut jobs that wants us to go over so that the voters will reject the Democratic tax and spend policies and vote for Republican tax and spend policies. Ideally I'd like people to vote Libertarian. So why do I say "so what?"

Something will give.

Believe it or not, the government might not write out some checks because they can't. It is a possibility. What will they not pay for? Does it matter?

I know some of you will ask "Oh yeah? What if they stop paying the military? How would you like that?" Believe me. The government will not stop paying the people with guns. That would be stupid and we all know it. So then it does not matter who they stop paying.

But what if they stop paying welfare or social security? Look to charity. It is better that people help people than the government redistribute money. The argument that you already paid for social security so you should get it back is bunk. If someone takes your money don't ever think you will get it back. This goes double for those that take money from you at the point of a gun. That is what the government does.

There is no such thing as "paid for" when it comes to government planning. Do you remember the stimulus package debacle? Forget the "shovel ready" failure but remember the money was supposed to go infrastructure. Part of that means roads. The funny thing is that the gas tax is supposed to pay for the roads and it has not. Both the federal and state government tax gas to pay for the roads. This means there is zero reason to take more of our money because we already paid for it!

Maybe instead of the government not paying for something it will collapse. The dollar will collapse.

So what?

It would be nice to think that we could create a stable government that would last throughout humanity but we probably won't. Governments come and go. The current state of the U.S. Government is no longer what was envisioned when it was founded and it has violated the Constitution, the promise to the people of how the government would behave and respect the people.

And so the federal government falls. So what?

We still have state governments. That is the beauty of our country. Even if the dollar collapses its value could be relative from state to state. Eventually states will mint their currency and/or states will band together to form new sets of united states, but we will never see the grand collaboration we have now. There are too many conceptual differences. Eventually we will split but it will not be from secession, it will be from collapse.

Does this sound like fiction? Do you think I am crazy? This could not possibly happen?

We are seeing other country's governments fall and get rebuilt. Why not ours? There is no reason why it can not happen. In fact there are more reasons for our country to collapse than stay.

The president, our leader, is dividing us and a lot of the citizens like it! He has a lot of people believing that successful people should give up their wealth. The problem is that the underlying concept of our country was that we all had equal opportunity to succeed. You don't get punished for succeeding.

But here we are. Success is now a bad thing.

But this goes back to the not paying the military scenario. Corporations and successful people are not necessarily armed, but they have money. Money can fund mercenaries. Call it improbable but people go crazy and some people will do anything for money. A more realistic reaction would be what Ayn Rand laid out in "Atlas Shrugged."

Beyond demonizing successful people our leader has pandered to people individually. Women's interests, Hispanic's interest, student's interests, etcetera. Truth is if it is not an American's interest it should not be of any one's interest. That is the litmus test. If you are against something that is only good for a small set of people does not make you racist or sexist. It means you think about the good of all, not the few. You see everyone as Americans, not hyphenated Americans.

We are tearing apart and heading for collapse. But we will be okay.

Fiscal cliff? Doesn't exist.

But a change is coming that is a cliff that will define a certain difference between the past and future.