Thursday, August 29, 2013

Government Promotes Boring Food

Thank goodness most people don't read government websites. Otherwise people would be planning some really disappointing picnics.
But this is how I view it.
No red meat!? Really. No burgers or hot dogs.

No apple pie.

Apple and tuna, but no apple pie.

Is this a communist picnic?

U.S. Government Sues Company For Not Giving A Discount

RPM International Inc. and Tremco Inc. have to pay the government $60.9 million because they did not give the government a discount. It turns out that if a company gives a discount in the private sector they have to give it to the government too.
Allegedly, from January 2002 to March 2011, Tremco knowingly violated its contractual obligations to provide GSA with current, accurate and complete information about its commercial sales practices, to report changes in discounts to comparable commercial customers and to pass those discounts on to government customers.
So if they violated a contract they made with the government, yeah, they did something wrong. However, I am still dumbfounded that the government expects a discount because someone else got a discount. The story never said everyone but the government got a discount. Just that the government didn't get a discount someone else got.

Imagine that; the government made it illegal to charge them full price. I'm sure other customers didn't get a discount and were charged full price, but that is speculation on my part.

Has the government forgotten that this company is going to pay 35% of their income in business taxes? And they want a discount too? What is this!? The mafia!?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Farcism of Affordable Education

Your mouth and hands are not a poop hole. So why spew such matter from them?
But so the Department of Education has done in parallel with Obama. You should read the fudge sausage before going through my commentary. It will enhance the "preaching to the choir" attitude if you are outraged.

So let's go...
I’m thrilled today that President Obama is moving forward with an ambitious new plan to make college more affordable for every American.
Government price control is wrong and always fails.
We know that higher education is more important than ever, but we also know it’s never been more expensive.
Actually we are failing to value tradesman, err, or, tradesmen. Blue collar "hands on skill" does not require college but apprenticeships.

As far as the cost of college, if the government didn't get involved the costs would be more reasonable.
We want college to be a secure investment for every student from every background who is willing to work hard, an investment that prepares our nation’s students for a good job and a bright future.
***sigh*** There is no such thing as secure. Secure is a goal, but not a true absolute.
We believe the cost of college is a shared responsibility among the federal government, states, colleges and universities, and our students and families.
Oh good Lawrd! Believe!?

The cost of college is the burden of the individual that wants to retrieve the education through a desired receptacle. I don't feel any shared responsibility of sending anyone to college!
because we know that too many students are struggling to repay their debt today – President Obama is committed to ensuring that students who need it can have access to the ‘Pay As You Earn’ plan that caps federal student loan payments at 10 percent of discretionary income, so students can better manage their debt
"Pay as you earn" has horrifying debt forgiveness. That means you pay for so-in-so's education.
We need more colleges and universities to keep college affordable while delivering a high quality education, not only for students who are first in line, but for all, especially students who are first in their families to enter college, students from disadvantaged circumstances, students with disabilities and veterans who chose service before completing their education.
Because the government is involved in student loans, the value gets distorted. By the way, "veterans who chose service before completing their education" have a guaranteed resource. So they are not a valid part of your argument.
We need states to increase higher education funding, with proven strategies for student access and success.
No. The states should not increase funding. Let the market bear the value of the product.

By the way, I have no degree, but have taught in the private sector and military. I am a teacher without a degree.

Consider all options. The "standard" is not the rule.

Live well.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Miley Cyrus is a Genius

There's a sucker born every minute.
...and that would be the public.

Miley Cyrus is a genius. Yes. Really.

It seems to be a common story that child stars have a rough adulthood. They start a career so young and so often it just does not carry on into a life-time career.

Miley has been "acting up" since she has grown up. Like I said, "has been" as in we already know she is acting up. So why is her performance at the MTV awards a shock? We know she is going to do this!

The real story is how on earth can so many people and media outlets express shock and outrage at what she did? Are they that stupid? Are they just waiting to be outraged?

Miley has people talking about her.
There's no such thing as bad press.
Be outraged at MTV for booking her. I knew she was going to do something outrageous; you knew she was going to do something outrageous; MTV knew she was going to do something outrageous. And still she was booked and people watched.

Face it. If you watched you did it to watch a hot young thing bare her skin and shake it. She's old enough you can legally justify you are not a pedophile.

You're a sicko.

The public is sick.

Miley is not going to hell for baring her skin. She was born naked.

You're going to hell for watching.