Friday, July 6, 2012

Obama Funds Communist Space Program

Communist Vietnam has received a $125.8 million loan from the U.S. Export-Import Bank to purchase a satellite from Lockheed Martin to put into orbit. Before you roll your eyes and say Obama isn't responsible for everything every agency does you should know this. According to
Under U.S. policy, a presidential waiver is required any time the bank proposes a loan of more than $50 million to “a Marxist-Leninist country.”
That is not the scary part. The approval of the loan happened June 25th but the satellite had already launched on May 15th. This means Lockheed Martin must have been in contact with the White House to allow a project like this to move forward before it was approved.

For all of the painting of Romney being an evil capitalist, only for big business, or being a corporate raider, it looks like the big capitalist and military company Lockheed Martin had Obama's ear.

Nothing wrong with that. Just pay attention to what Obama says, how he presents himself, and how he tries to frame Romney. It will be ridiculous.

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