Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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Dog Days of Bureaucracy

This story is sensationalism and incomplete.

A woman was arrested for not relicensing her dog. Except she was arrested when she showed up to the sheriff's office to prove she did.

Wow. Where to begin.

She is going to court over this. It looks like it is inarguable she did it in a less then timeless manner.

But should she be jailed for 3 hours while her child is sitting in her car while she produced a 5 or 10 minute proof of compliance?

Let's get even more absurd than that.

Through mail, phone, and in-person contacts she was given notice to renew. Was she given the opportunity to renew through those contacts? No information in the article is given on that. The renewal is only $10. If there was an in-person contact why not say "do you have $10" and be dome with it?

I have no proof, but I have to say BUREAUCRATS! Fill out my form. It pleases me. I exist for you to lovingly drag your pen across my forms. Yes. I orgasm on the signature! Flair it!

3 hours of any one's time is worth more than $10 and man more than the $100 dollar fine. This is worth a counter suit.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Warm your triggers

Thank the founders for the second amendment. Guns are not for hunting but putting down oppressive government officials.

Scalia put forth how wrong the decision of the SCOTUS decision on the ACA was in regards to reimbursements. Basically SCOTUS invented a new intention even though the word of law and initial intentions were noting of the sort.

Two insanely bad things happened today. Both violate the contract between the government and the people.

First, the law was not enforced as written.

Second, the decision bypassed the power of Congress and their responsibility of the purse strings by passing funding for this illegal contraption to other non-elected bodies.

Slide your finger from safe guard to the trigger.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

FAA Jerks

The concept of private drones and drones for commerce is a really exciting and popular idea. So if the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) approves a company to use drones; that's got to be great and a lot of social points with the people. In fact here is their front headline for today plus screen capture.
Amazon Gets Experimental Airworthiness Certificate

However, if you read the article you will realize that the decision is nothing more than a headline banner ingratiation for the public.

The details are the excrement of the bowels.

From the page:
The UAS must always remain within visual line-of-sight of the pilot and observer. The pilot actually flying the aircraft must have at least a private pilot’s certificate and current medical certification.
So the FAA rules just completely screws the green movement. If the drone needs to remain in line-of-sight then the controller ( not pilot, there is no pilot ) then they need to follow in a vehicle. And who is this observer? Is the FAA imposing more people to deliver a package than the USPS ( United States Post Office )?

So the more people to deliver a package the more energy needed the less green it is. FAA conspiracy.

And how does piloting a plane translate to a drone? Why is an old technology being applied to a new technology? Don't we need a new standard?

What is the observer? This seems to be an excessive requirement. How many of you do your job and there is someone who's job is to watch you?

How does piloting a plane help piloting a drone? Should we not need a video game expert instead?

What is up with the medical certification? Do you need medical certification to play a video game? No.

Is flying a drone more like flying a plane or more like playing a video game?

If you say a plane you're an idiot.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Chinese Expat's View on Common Core

Well, maybe not an expat but an escapee.

The government's self insertion into student loans for college has also been very damaging distorting college costs. The promotion that everyone should go to college is equally damaging.

Our society is being diverted from the value of trade schools. The schools that make the workers that keep the world working.

Many people in their early teens have figured out their path. Eighteen is too old an age to make a person stay in school. By sixteen many of us knew what we wanted to do.

Decentralize education and let the states run it.

Teacher's Union is looking out for the interest of teachers, not students; otherwise it would be called the Student Union.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Multicultural or Racist Emojis

Let's inject race into Emojis! What could go wrong?

In a most bizarre rambling video DNews has ever done they talk about injecting race into a non-race sensitive communication to celebrate multiculturalism to make race less significant. What what? Racialising a neuter technology makes it less racist?

This will provide so much food for the trolls they will bloat our data streams.

Now the wrong person using the wrong emoji can be called racist.

We live in such a comfort zone we are designing ways to detect racism in the way you type. We are demanding you all be sheeple less be called racist or sexist.

I'll say it. I'm racist if it means I'm okay if I'm white. I don't really care what race you are but I'm okay with being white. Racism seems to now mean you can't like being white.

I'm also a male and I am good with that. And somehow that make me sexist in the trill chatter of today's language.

So we will now take one of the inert communications where we exchange ideas and insert race. The sex will follow, right?

So all of this coming together equally we will find ways to pollute the exchange of nothing but ideas with our race and sex to taint the quality of the idea?

You all just freaking SUCK!