Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Legalization of Gay Marriage : Alan Keyes 2004

This is an absolutely incredible video about gay marriage, the Constitution, irresponsible judges, and our future.

The Iditerod is Rasict!

The ultimate sport deserves the ultimate coverage. How about the ultimate diversity?

Currently we are lamenting that too few players in baseball are black. No one has mentioned the Iditerod. In 2014 there were 69 racers and only one was black. Newton Marshall.
Well, here's the rub. Newton is not an African-American. He is Jamaican. No extra diversity points for African-Jamaican. Are there White-Jamaicans? Or is it Euro-Jamaicans? No, Euro includes Spain which are Hispanic-Jamaicans and are not White Devils. Anglosaxon-Jamaicans? Anglosaxon excludes the Spanish, right? What was I talking about?

Only 1.45% of the participants are black. 1 in 69, a sexy number. Are you saying blacks aren't sexy?

All of those Harlem youths that latch packs of wild dogs to their Radio Flyers are having their hopes dashed. Why? So cruel!

Do we really have to import black people to race dogs in sub-zero temperatures? The only black man in the world to do this has to be Jamacian high?


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Monday, April 14, 2014

Tax Day! I Win! Procrastination Pays Off!

Woo Hoo!

Tax Day!

I Win!

Did I get a refund?

No! I owe!

I am sending in my forms on the deadline date.

Why am I happy about that? Because I gained income through interest on what I underpaid. Also, that means I probably underpaid my Medicare tax withholdings and Social Security withholdings.

I underpaid some taxes?

Don't worry. Those of you that get a refund overpaid your Medicare and Social Security taxes subsidizing mine. Thanks!

While you waited for your glorious return to enjoy the fruits of your labor I have already enjoyed mine. In fact, if I owe too much I can get on a payment plan to defer my debt over time.

You should set up your withholdings so that you owe at the end of the year because some day you will die. If you can die while cheating the government out of money, you win.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Equal Pay? Dept of Labor under Obama Admin Okays Women Make Less Than 6 Cents for Every Dollar Their Male Counterpart Makes

I can sensationalize through headlines too!

A group of female employees that work for the Oakland Raiders make about $5 an hour. That is $3 under the minimum wage mandated by California. The U.S. Department of Labor under the Obama Administration gives this a thumbs up because it is seasonal work.

These female employees only make $1,250 a season while their male counter part (I assume male, read to the end) makes $23,000 a season. He makes more than 18 times more. The gals make less than 6 cents for every dollar he earns.

Who are these down trodden females?


Did you just suddenly discount their gripe? Don't. Time is money. Just because they are cheerleaders does not minimize their worth. They do train, practice, and are subject to fines like not having a proper tan color. Not the proper color? That's racist!

Who is the male counter part?

The team mascot. Honestly I don't know if the team mascot is a guy but the article [ here ] has a photo and it looks like that under the costume there is a guy. Maybe it is a bull dyke. I honestly don't know and don't care.

Let's face it, the cheerleaders are poorly paid. The fans need to do something about it, not the government.

So fans, what are you going to do?

Monday, March 31, 2014

EPA Shakedown : It's all about the Green : March 2014

Shakedown stories from March 2014

Titan Tire Corp. and Dico Inc. : $3,100,000

EPA fined the company for demolishing buildings that contained PCPs. Part of the defense was that only a teaspoon amount was ever found. Meanwhile, nearby, there are others polluting and meth labs.

EPA said that the demolishing of the building would require them to oversee it. A free country does not have the government on site watching you work.

The Village Watkins Glen : unknown

Potential fines for violations due to high chlorine levels. Really. Sounds like things are extra clean.

The problem is that is the fines go through then plans for a new treatment facility will have to be scraped and the old treatment plant will instead need to be retro-fitted to comply with regulations. If the EPA is serious it would work with the village to get a new treatment plant instead of keeping the plant that made the violations going.

But where are the fines in that?

Andy Johnson : $75,000/day

Mr. Johnson acquired proper permits and legally built a pond on his land. EPA charges him with “building a dam on a creek without a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers.” Mr. Johnson claims he is exempt and followed state rules.

JCI Jones Chemicals Inc. : $41,000

EPA is fining the company because they didn't evaluate risks of having one chemical next to another in storage containers. $41,000 for not saying how dangerous it might be? BS!

Five Washington state companies : $254,075

This insanity is straight from the EPA website. Five companies have been fined for not reporting in a timely manner the storage of chemicals. Almost sounds bad till you read the story. Each company didn't report storing of chemicals that they would always have on site. A vinegar company was fined for not reporting in a timely manner the chemicals used in making vinegar.

Company uses up chemical X then get a shipment of chemical X. Didn't report fast enough and now you have to pay the EPA money.

It's all about the Green