Monday, August 18, 2014

YeeHa! Texas!

I am now in Texas!

My move is complete, but the unpacking is not.

What a beautiful place.

So, yeah. It is hot, but it is better than too cold.

Love the people.

The wild-life is awesome. Well, by wild-life I mean regularly encounterable critters. In this case, lizards, birds, and bats.

Back in Atlanta all I saw was a lone bat circling my local area. In Texas where I work, during window cleaning, the bats were disturbed enough I could see a dozen in the parking garage; many circled our building during the day during the cleaning. Near where I live is a location to buy tickets for a comfortable seating to watch thousands of bats emerge at dusk from a hollow. The nearby river-walk also is quite a spetacle.

Upon my return from the market on my first shopping day with an initial load of staples I set my bags down inside my door-wall. I went and gathered the rest of my pack and set those down too. I picked up the first bag I intended to unload and saw something scurry from its place to an adjacent bag.

All I thought was "Crap! A roach."

I shifted and lifted bag after bag while I shooed the critter into the open. Once I was successful I found it was not a roach but a small, (baby?), gecko. This gorgeous lizard that back in Michigan that would fetch from $20 to $100 just waltzed into my abode.

If intelligent design is true, then Jim Henson was an angel birthed upon the earth; he designed the gecko before that. The gecko looks like a muppet; it is so muppet like it is surprising it does not talk.

I bet Henson created the Platypus on a bet too.

I've seen anoles scurrying around outside my place. In fact, I have seen the most brilliant green borne by an anole crawling up the outside of my building with a tail that transitioned from green to brown to black like he was a lit candle blown out after a few seconds. However, the anoles are like willow o' the wisp and scurry the closer you come towards them.

At work vultures and birds of prey perch and saunter about the buildings edge. These creatures can take a perception that birds are fragile creatures and twist them into beasts to fear. They sport a mass to be reckoned with.


I have come home.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Ahhhh. Music.

Lawless Holder

I like to be silly, sarcastic, and/or funny, but sometimes you have to be serious.

Eric Holder is a bad bad man.

I highly recommend everyone subscribe to the CATO Institute.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Evil Trees

Vegitarians do not eat animals because they deem it cruel.

Trees and plants absorb nutrieints from the earth. These nutrients come from dead plants and animals.


Plants eat animals!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Brain On Socialized Medicine

In the U.K. Caffé Nero paid £0 in taxes. This peeved one of the caffé's patrons. He was a "loyal" customer and turned in his "loyalty" customer card over this. He explains why blathering it on twitter all proud and smug.

If you agree with him hang on and read on because you are wrong. If you disagree with him and don't know why, I think I can tell you why.

Steve Pottinger (he advertised himself and made his persons a public object on twitter) is a valued loyalty customer of Caffé Nero. However, he is throwing his loyalty card back into the fire. His dad was in the hospital and his fate is unknown per the rant. All we know is Steve thought his dad could get more care if Caffé Nero paid taxes. The doctors and nurses could have received pay if Caffé Nero paid taxes. And well, all sorts of other people could have gotten money.

Steve, really!?

You are blaming Caffé Nero for following the rules the government setup. You are blaming Caffé Nero for how the government distributes money. You are blaming Caffé Nero for giving you the most cost effective/quality product that you so thoroughly enjoyed over and over you yourself became a valued loyal customer to them.

So in no way do we see Steve taking the government to task for their tax code or distribution of wealth. He does no chastise the government on what doctors or nurses get paid. He does not blame the government at all. He blames a company for not giving enough money as a reason to problems.

Steve turned in his card and will get his java elsewhere. Will he get the same quality for the same price?

Whether or not he does is only subjective to his palette.

However, let us tear into his final thoughts.

We're all in this together, and without a vibrant and cohesive society - which tax revenues help maintain - you've nowhere to sell your goods.

This sentence is very true but insanely stated by Steve. The cohesive society maintained by taxes is the protection of property, not the usurpation! Steve wants you to think that the taxes are meant to give to the people, not protect what people have earned and own.

Somehow Steve also thinks that the caffé expects customers to show loyalty. Really, the caffé uses gimmicks to get repeat customers to come back, not expecting loyalty. Any business knows they are as good as their last customer served.

So go on Steve. Go find that socially conscious caffé. That extra dollar you pay, it's you paying for what Nero didn't. Your new caffé just passed the cost onto you.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Dept. of Education Rewards Incompetence Just Like the IRS

Oh it's so fun and easy to poke fun at government and its bureaucracies.

Hopefully all of you have heard about the IRS agents that didn't pay their taxes that received bonuses. How about the Department of Education employee that gives advise on student loans that self admittedly made mistakes on her student loans?

The stupidity of this is astounding. Nicole Callahan released an article named "4 Mistakes I Made With My Student Loans and How You Can Avoid Them." This is not advise from someone in the public sector but someone that works for the government. Her position? Digital Engagement Strategist at the Department of Education’s Office of Federal Student Aid.

Yes. She openly admits she made mistakes on her student loans and yet gets a job related to student aid. What could go wrong?

So what were her four mistakes?

I should have kept track of what I was borrowing
I should have made interest payments while I was still in school
I should have kept my loan servicer in the loop
I should have figured out what my monthly loan payments were going to be BEFORE I went into repayment

Half of her problems were "I didn't do simple Math."

However she is only a "Digital Engagement Strategist" and hence she is just more web designerish right? (Don't let Obamacare roll out affect you judgement of government web technology experts) Let's blog-search her name.

Oh no!

About 120 results

Let us list every headline associated with her name. Page one only.
  • 6 Things You Must Know About Repaying Your Student Loans ...
  • 4 Mistakes I Made With My Student Loans and How You Can ...
  • Need Advice About Your Student Loans? Your Loan Servicer ...
  • Blog
  • 7 Ways to Promote FAFSA Completion at Your School | ED. ...
  • 5 Reasons You Should Complete the Free Application for ...
  • 4 Common Student Loan Mistakes | Blog
  • 5 Things You Need To Know About Your Student Loans | ED. ...
  • 7 Things You Need Before You Fill Out the FAFSA | ...
  • 4 Things to Do During Your Student Loan Grace Period | ED. ...

So there may be a bit of advice coming from Nicole on about 120 articles? And how does she describe herself in the 4 mistakes article?

So while I don’t claim to be a student loan expert, I have learned a lot of lessons along the way, mostly through trial and error.

Admits not an expert. Is this government promoting incompetence or an individual covering their posterior?

Shouldn't the Department of Education use an expert to give advise on student loans? Why are they using an amateur?

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Gay's Trump Card ; Sorry Blacks : Sorry Crippled ; Sorry Normals ; Perversion Rules

Social test. Whom is the prefered socially?

Heterosexual vs. Gay

    Answer : Gay

Christian vs. Gay

    Answer : Gay

Black vs. Gay

    Answer : Gay

Deaf vs. Gay

    Answer : Gay

Heterosexual Christian Black Deaf vs. Gay

    Answer : Gay

Maybe it is time we rise up on our homosexual overlords and clog leaks in the dikes with some faggots.

Read a dictionary to get all meanings of the statemnt. ;^P

Cops Caught Plotting To Frame Innocent People On Their Own Dash Cam

Thank God (or those ingenious inventors and law enforcement policies) for dash cams. Some cops (12?) have been caught conspiring to plant drugs on two innocent people on their second illegal search.

Follow the above link for the full story. All I can say is this reads as a horrendous case of "power corrupts."

The fact that there a quotes of what the officers said in the article:
the house is clean, there is no meth in the house
we're gonna spike that and we're gonna spike him.
I got the meth in the ------- car
leads me to believe that this was obtained from the video tape.

However, trial by press and public opinion is wrong. We do need to see where this goes and what the conclusions are. Bare out all evidence.

I prefer to think that bad cops are the few. But why would a cop do anything as nefarious as the above suggests?

Stossel, have you any ideas?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Five Ranchers You Have Not Heard About

Some people have mixed feelings about what happened at the Bundy Ranch. Some feel part of it was Bundy's problem since he didn't pay grazing fees. From here on the arguments and little details go on for a while. One thing is for sure and that is that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) overreacted to the situation.

Even though Bundy might be in the wrong a bit, I'm okay with that because the government is in the wrong a lot. This push against the government is good even if done in a not so kosher manner.

If you play by the rules you might get trampled because the government does not play by the rules. Five ranchers are being trampled on in South Dakota[1][2]. It's not the BLM this time but the Department of Game, Fish and Parks of South Dakota. Still, totally wrong.

These five ranchers have land that had, I repeat "had," a railway running though it. The land has been owned by their families but easement laws allowed some of it to be used for the railroad. So the tracks eventually closed and the railroad gave it back to South Dakota, except these are easements, not possessions. The railroad cannot give the land to anyone. Under South Dakota law the land goes back to the original owners once the easement is void which is the ranchers.

What actually happened was the state took the land and turned it into a scenic trail. It is now a 109 mile trail cutting through five ranchers' lands. The government has made a regulation no motorized vehicles can go on the trail. So now there is a line on their land the ranchers can not cross; a line that was illegal by state law to be made in the first place. A scenic trail is a piss poor use of easement laws.

In short the ranchers can not cross this line because of beautification, at least that is what I read "scenic trail" as meaning. We are not even talking about an endangered species anymore. Ranchers' way of living is threatened just so things can be prettier.

Are you kidding me!? This is why we should start breaking the rules because the rules are stupid. The rules are anti-human. Thank the founders for the Second Amendment. An aerobic exorcise of it might force the government to obey the law too.

So for now enjoy Joe giving a critique of the Bundy Ranch incident.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Legalization of Gay Marriage : Alan Keyes 2004

This is an absolutely incredible video about gay marriage, the Constitution, irresponsible judges, and our future.