Monday, December 29, 2014

Must See : Rape Culture

Thursday, December 18, 2014

What can you do about "The Interview"?

What can you do about "The Interview"?

Gather some friends, write a script on how you think the movie would unfold or how you would write it. Now film it. Now put it on Youtube!

Sony America may have caved in but we don't have to.

Can you imagine if hundreds of amateur versions of the movie appeared on Youtube? Go out and act it out. Animate it. Use puppets. Do claymation. Is Robot Chicken up for this? Maybe Tom Ska?

Maybe Sony will leak the script and everyone can do their own interpretation. Someone can turn it into a stage play. How about a musical?

Can you think of a better way to beat these hackers try at censorship?

If we get hundreds of versions out there maybe Sony will release theirs. After all, the sting will be gone.

Announce your project in the comments here. Use "Youtube" as a verb and tweet your project with #YoutubeTheInterview!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why we don't need the Second Amendment

We have the Second Amendment to provide protection against the government if it raises arms against the people.

Hasn't that been happening?

So many government agencies now have their own police force; this means the agencies have arms. People worry about the NSA collecting meta data but when is the last time you heard of them kicking in an American's door and arresting them? None. However, the Bureau of Land Management had no problem invading Bundy's ranch and killing his cows over a tax dispute. Why not a court order? The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service raided Gibson Guitars over what wood they were using which in the end was shown they did nothing wrong. Couldn't they have sent in an inspector instead of a raiding force?

The point is arms are being raised against the people and that is only two simple examples. However the military is not raising arms against the people but faceless bureaucracies are doing so. This is why people don't recognize the violation for what it is.

We have had the Supreme Court deem it is okay for the government to take your land for financial improvement for the common good and also deem that we can be taxed for our mere existence through the Affordable Care Act.

We are also victims of Congress trying to legislate physics. Fuel efficiency in cars and pollution control causes the design of smaller and or lighter cars that are less safe regardless of their safety features. Incandescent light bulbs were not made illegal by name but made illegal by defining how much energy can be used per lumen. As a result you get bulbs with poisonous mercury or a really expensive LED bulb.

So why do you so love the Second Amendment? Where are the bodies showing you've stood up for your rights? Work within the system you say? Really? The oppression through agencies and regulations are from unelected officials you can not depose. You didn't vote in those judges nor can you kick them out using the system.

We do have elected Congressmen that have passed oppressive laws (A.C.A., light bulbs). Why are they still in power? Is that your version of working within the system?

Recently Gruber, an architect of the A.C.A., said that a tortured language, lack of transparency, and lies were need to pass the A.C.A. because the public were to stupid to approve something he thought was good for them. He's right; you are stupid.

There it is. It has been exposed that for the government to tax you for your existence they had to lie to you because you are too stupid to make decisions for yourselves.

So why are you so attached to the Second Amendment? I see no bodies proving your affection for it. All we get are crazies going into gun free zone and killing innocents; the result is a call for more gun control and you go nuts.

Where are the bodies of those that legislate away your freedoms?


I thought so.

You are never going to exercise your Second Amendment rights because as Gruber said you are too stupid.

Our lives are so comfortable that no one wants to rock the boat. People are picked off here and there by the government and there are no repercussions.

Why are you so insatiable for a right you don't want to exercise?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Why the Celebration?

I understand it is exciting for Republicans to win so many seats but why are you celebrating? Republicans were voted in because they are the lesser of two evils.

This is nothing like 1994 when the Republicans had the "Contract with America." Remember that only two years into Clinton's term, which he won over dissatisfaction of Bush's mild recession, voter's voted for a well defined vision of the same party that they voted Clinton to oust.

2014 is very different.

People are invested in Obama emotionally like a religion or ideological like Nazism. Yes like Nazism. The lefties that don't like children saying "under God" in "the pledge of allegiance" or even saying "the pledge of allegiance" had kids singing praises to Obama. That is really sick.

This man who had never done anything in his life promised that the people would have 30 days to view laws online before he signed them but signed the A.C.A., a.k.a. Obamacare, even after Pelosi said "we have to pass it to find out what is in it." Not only did the people not get to read it but the politicians didn't. In addition all of his promises on the A.C.A. turned out to be lies. Now people are losing their health insurance and those that can now buy health insurance find that there are no doctor's accepting it. They are buying something compelled by law with no one providing service at the other end.

Let us not get started on how racist he has been or his administration. We were expecting healing.

The people saw most of this trouble when they reelected him two years ago. It took all of his promises turning to lies and start hurting people to start losing faith.

The people have been spooked by the crushing lies and the Republicans only have one year to make changes because they did not offer a plan like in 1994; the Republicans just were not Democrats.

A year from now when the presidential race starts up the Democratic nominee will ask if Republicans made things any better. They will ask the people to remember how bad things were under Bush. Yes they will invoke Bush and blame the housing bubble and economic crash on him even though it has roots dating back to the 70's. Obama will probably not be mentioned.

The Republican presidential nominee will be framed in the Bush financial crash and the single year of Republican rule in Congress which will probably not end in success. Don't forget the sexism charges that there will be if Hillary is the nominee. Get Condoleezza Rice to run for president to slap down social issues but especially because conservatives love Rice; she is awesome.

The next two years up to the next election will also have an incredible amount of racism heaped upon the Republicans for opposing Obama. That is just modus operandi.

I am not saying that it is bad for the Republicans to win as they did. Republicans must man up to the task ahead.

Otherwise this is pre-2016-election-exultation.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It's not a Republican Wave ...

... but it might be the start of a Conservative wave.

As I write this the Senate is 2 Independents, 43 Democrats, 52 Republicans, and 3 seats to be determined.

The House is 157 Democrats, 235 Republicans, and 43 seats to be determined.

If there was a veto proof Congress I might believe we had a Republican wave, but I think we see the sand being wiped from the peoples' eyes. Maybe the voters realize after voting for a black man (if you can call a half white half black man raised by his white mom and white grandparents in Hawaii black) twice and yet be disparaged for being racist, or being promised they can keep their doctors and insurance by Democrats, and many other lies, maybe people realized the lies from honey dripped lips of snakes promising the government will be there to make it all okay while destroying their world.

With so many lies, maybe Republicans are not racist; after all they were spawned with Lincoln; Republicans put the first black man on the Supreme Court and the Democrats fought it. They might not be sexist since they put the first woman on the Supreme Court. Maybe, the Democrats tell a lot of lies about Republicans or just tell a lot of lies.

This could be a turning point for Republicans. Both Libertarians and the Tea Party are the most credible criticizers of their actions. The press are a fluffy pillow for the Democrats.

Let us wait and see.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


I responded to a video about zombies. However, the subject about zombies distresses me because of the real history.

Not to put a damper on Halloween, but,
Everyone has a sore spot and mine is zombies.

Many of the hollywood mythical creatures have a true history but the one that persists to this day in real life is zombies.

Zombiism is a practice of voodoo which is really the poisoning of a victim for later excavtion of their tomb and drugged slavery into sexual or labor bondage.

"The Serpent and the Rainbow" comes close to a true documentary, but a truly hollywood fantastical ending.

Zombiism is the last form of masked slavery we need to abolish.

I fear the popularization of the fictional zombie will give cover to the truth because we all revel in the adventure of what we all know is a fiction forgetting the truth of the victims in its roots.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Shooting Fish in a Dept. of Ed. Barrel

So I was going to make a blog posting and "shoot fish in a barrel" and do a dry sarcastic posting on Obama's ebola policy. However, first I thought it was my responsibility to first peruse the government blogs and laugh at the under the radar obscurity since I have not done anything original for quite a while. The first blog post I went to for absurdity is the Department of Education. They did not disappoint.

Let us start with the title of the blog post I encountered.
Investing in Evidence: Funding Game-Changing Evaluations

I was sooooooo drawn to this because of the title. I read it like this:
Investing in Evidence:
Funding Game,
Changing Evaluations
But it is really supposed to be read as:
Investing in Evidence
Funding <GameChanging> Evaluations
Hopefully you can see my initial misunderstanding; especially since I had had a drink.

So yes, from here on it is a drunken post, but it doesn't mean I can not make more sense than the Department of Education.

Let us move on into the post.
The Congressionally enacted Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014 allows the Department to strengthen the impact of our evaluation work by pooling resources across Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) programs. This makes it possible to fund rigorous evaluations of individual Federal education programs that currently lack sufficient evaluation dollars, and to evaluate the impact of various strategies that cut across a wide range of ESEA programs.
Year after year more money has gone to education and performance has gone down. We are told we need to give more money for education. However, this paragraph eludes that we can scrape money from this system like fat from a skinned rattlesnake for flavoring to fund a new study.


There's enough fat in the bone dry education system to fund a survey?

O.K. What's the survey?
Specifically, we are asking your help to identify what the most pressing education policy and/or practice questions are and how answering them could provide needed information to educators, parents and local, state, and federal governments to enable significant improvements in education. Our goal is to support the development of findings that have the rigor and power to inform significant improvements in how schools, districts, states, and the federal government provide services to students. We are seeking public input on the following questions:
So far the two quoted paragraphs go to a centralized point of decision. This is central planning. The thousands in Mississippi and millions in New York, the thousands in Missouri and the millions in California, speak their voice, supposedly.

All because school choice is bad.

So, let us move on to the questions.

What are the most critical P-12 questions that are still unanswered?
Are you f**king kidding me!? Aren't you supposed to be the experts taking our money telling us what is the best for education!? Aren't you the ones berating us for advocating for school choice? What the f**k is wrong with you!? Unanswered questions!?

How's this for unanswered questions!?

Why the f**k aren't you teaching times tables?

Why the f**k does simple subtraction take several steps in Common Core?

Why the f**k do you misinterpret the second amendment in Common Core?

Why the f**k do our students score high in self esteem but low in grade scores against other countries?

Why the f**k do you deserve a single penny of our tax dollars you dumb f**ks?

[compose thyself for the next question]
How could answering these questions provide information that could be used by schools, districts, and States to improve student outcomes for all students and/or particular groups of students?
[in a calm voice] I am glad you did not take the solution to the centralized federal level. This in general illustrates a problem with the educational system in that centralized planning devalues the need of local needs. To more properly answer the questions we need to answer local needs.
What type of study could answer these questions and produce findings that are reliable and generalizable?
[in a slightly irritable voice] What the f**k do you mean? We don't need a study for what is needed for our industries. And generalizable? What the f**k of major issues in our state is generalizable with the major issues of another state across the country? Why the f**k are we giving you money to homogenize states with incompatible interests!?
What implications would these findings have for existing practices, policies, and federal programs? Please mention the specific practices, policies, and programs by name if possible.
[uncontained outrage]
Oh my F**KING GOD! 50 different states with 50 different needs and you want me to describe how centralizing our interests and needs against 49 disparate ones will affect me? Can you do the math on that!?

Probably the f**k not but you might have learned the proper emoticon to express your disappointment in that!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Buy this Dame a Drink!

Julia Pierson resigned as Director of the Secret Service. Buy this dame a drink!

Of all of the P.O.S.s that have been appointed by Obama, Julia is the only on man enough to fall upon the sword.

Odd. Her name is Julia and the Obama campaign had a "Life of Julia" campaign that showed how weak women were and needed the government (instead of a man).

This Julia fell on the sword for the government.

Buy this dame a drink.

Eric Holder resigned. So the F**k what. He's a partisan racist hack. It does no one any good, except maybe those that expect true justice, so maybe everyone.

Julia might have been qualified for the job except for the Obama administration touting they put a woman in charge of the Secret Service for the first time. Just cast doubt if she was put in position because she was qualified or had a vagina.

One thing the Obama administration didn't expect was that she has integrity.

She fell upon the sword.

Buy this dame a drink!

Friday, September 26, 2014


ISIS means Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. ISIL means Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.

How about we just settle for ISOT : Islamic State Of Terrorism.

However, if you are properly rude you may prefer IBF : Islamic B**t F**k*rs.

What do you think?

What should we call them? free polls