Sunday, July 8, 2012

CNN Reporter : Biased and Unaware

It is not surprising that we would see a biased piece come out of CNN. What is amusing is the fact that their reason for making the piece is uninformed and out of touch.

Preliminary reports from Romney's campaign say that he has raised $100 million in June. So far no word on how much Obama has raised. The reporter, Allison Brennan, decided to do a piece to see how much $100 million would buy. Quote from her piece:
At a time when the economy is still struggling to recover and American families are pinching pennies, we decided to see exactly how far $100 million goes.
The theme that the left has been trying to pound on Romney is that he is a rich man. This piece is obviously meant to show how "greedy" he is, even though people are giving him this money of their free will and desire.

Would a piece like this be written about Obama? Do a google search on "fundraising would buy" and the only thing you get is people repeating this Romney article. Nothing about what Obama's fundraising would buy. See the following screen capture:

So was Allison's uninformed reason for doing this piece because the economy is still struggling to recover? I don't think so. The economy is struggling. The reason I think she did this piece is from this quote:
Romney for the first time is expected to have raised more money than Obama.
Where was she last month? In May Romney out-raised Obama. June might be the second time Romney out-raises Obama.

If she was paying attention she would know that at the end of May Obama had $102 million MORE than Romney! Obama could buy everything she talks about in this article and still have more money than Romney. Is she going to point out that fact?

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