Friday, April 22, 2016

Anti-Trump Protesters are Crazy!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mandatory Solar Panels

San Francisco is a parody of itself.

New commercial or residential buildings under 11 stories must have solar panels.

Want to build a new bar with a rooftop deck? Think again. Make room for those solar panels!

Want to build a home in a planned community? Think again. Those solar panels might be an eyesore and so you can not build your home. You now own a useless lot.

Do these law makers even think? Under 11 stories requires solar panels? So someone builds a building next to you on the south side at 20 stories and doesn't need solar panels? Plus they block your sunlight rendering your solar panels useless?

Retards run California.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Government Climate Change Funded Propaganda

There is a lot of government funding going into global warming or the faux brand name "climate change," and the government funds public television of which PBS Digital Studios is a part of. The government is also into funding "green technologies" or carbon neutral technologies.

So if people oppose the "climate change" narrative, is it based on their research into opposing facts? No. According to government funded PBS it is because we have primitive brains.

Stay classy on the name calling government.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Video Roundup : April 2, 2016


"The Religion of Peace STRIKES AGAIN" by Naked Ape.


"MGTOW is Feminism For Men?" by Turd Flinging Monkey.

"Girl knows how guys think - helping ignorant men!" by Bearing.

"Mark Steyn: Sweden's male-female ratio is now more skewed than China's" by Rebel Media.

"News: Hypergamy Is Men's Fault?" by Turd Flinging Monkey.

"Ghomeshi Accusers Are Liars" by Feminism LOL.

Michelle Fields

"Michelle Fields Attacked by Leonardo DiCaprio Bodyguard - Almost Thrown to the Ground" by Mark Dice.

"Michelle Fields Falsely Accused Mark Dice of Harassment After Interview in 2012" by Mark Dice.


"The Transgender: Normalizing MENTAL ILLNESS" by Black Pigeon Speaks.

Free Speech

"Ontario Provincial Police contact writer over sarcastic, critical tweet" by Rebel Media.

"MTV Decoded HATES Free Speech!" by Chris Ray Gun.
Embedding was disabled for this video. Sorry.

"Another feminist is after your freedom of speech #2" by Bearing.


"Ben Shapiro Takes on Institutional Racism and White Privilege" by YAFTV.

"CULTURAL APPROPRIATION! - Whites Can't Have Dreadlocks" by Chris Ray Gun.

"Black Woman Assaults White Student for Having Dreadlocks, Saying It's "Cultural Appropriation"" by Mark Dice.

"#DearWhitePeople: You're Gonna Die!" by Undoomed.




"Globe & Mail devotes photo spread to Justin Trudeau's socks" by Rebel Media.


"The Politics of Child Molesting" by Wild Bill for America.


"Alberta oil tycoon who urged NDP to raise taxes leaves Canada “for tax reasons”" by Rebel Media.

Some Levity

"Gender Fluid Barbie" by Gary Orsum.


Progressive Fairness vs. Justice

Instead of being in a Video Roundup this deserved a separate post.

Steven Crowder tells a story that illustrates progressive fairness as opposed to true justice; feelings over facts.