Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Evil Trees

Vegitarians do not eat animals because they deem it cruel.

Trees and plants absorb nutrieints from the earth. These nutrients come from dead plants and animals.


Plants eat animals!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Brain On Socialized Medicine

In the U.K. Caffé Nero paid £0 in taxes. This peeved one of the caffé's patrons. He was a "loyal" customer and turned in his "loyalty" customer card over this. He explains why blathering it on twitter all proud and smug.

If you agree with him hang on and read on because you are wrong. If you disagree with him and don't know why, I think I can tell you why.

Steve Pottinger (he advertised himself and made his persons a public object on twitter) is a valued loyalty customer of Caffé Nero. However, he is throwing his loyalty card back into the fire. His dad was in the hospital and his fate is unknown per the rant. All we know is Steve thought his dad could get more care if Caffé Nero paid taxes. The doctors and nurses could have received pay if Caffé Nero paid taxes. And well, all sorts of other people could have gotten money.

Steve, really!?

You are blaming Caffé Nero for following the rules the government setup. You are blaming Caffé Nero for how the government distributes money. You are blaming Caffé Nero for giving you the most cost effective/quality product that you so thoroughly enjoyed over and over you yourself became a valued loyal customer to them.

So in no way do we see Steve taking the government to task for their tax code or distribution of wealth. He does no chastise the government on what doctors or nurses get paid. He does not blame the government at all. He blames a company for not giving enough money as a reason to problems.

Steve turned in his card and will get his java elsewhere. Will he get the same quality for the same price?

Whether or not he does is only subjective to his palette.

However, let us tear into his final thoughts.

We're all in this together, and without a vibrant and cohesive society - which tax revenues help maintain - you've nowhere to sell your goods.

This sentence is very true but insanely stated by Steve. The cohesive society maintained by taxes is the protection of property, not the usurpation! Steve wants you to think that the taxes are meant to give to the people, not protect what people have earned and own.

Somehow Steve also thinks that the caffé expects customers to show loyalty. Really, the caffé uses gimmicks to get repeat customers to come back, not expecting loyalty. Any business knows they are as good as their last customer served.

So go on Steve. Go find that socially conscious caffé. That extra dollar you pay, it's you paying for what Nero didn't. Your new caffé just passed the cost onto you.