Tuesday, July 3, 2012

11 Minutes for 8 Years

When a person joins the military they enter into an eight year contract. They are promising that over the next 8 years they can be called upon to fight for their country. The contract is a mix of active and reserve duty time.

A military service member (MSM) gives up many freedoms to protect yours. They are told what to wear. They are told when to eat. They are made to exercise. If they are late for work or fail in what they are told to do there is no threat of being fired; there is a threat of Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) action.

One of the biggest freedoms lost is the freedom of speech. A MSM can not voice their political opinion while in uniform or give their opinion and use their military standing in conjunction with it; as a MSM they are deemed to be an authority figure and can not render political opinion while viewed in that role.

They are fighting for our freedom. Regardless of whether or not you agree with or even understand the current wars and conflicts they are a part of, they are doing it for you.

Take eleven minutes to hear our men and women of the military read "The Declaration of Independence" and remember what a bold step was taken two hundred thirty six years ago to secure your freedom today and these men and women continue to protect.


  1. I hope that these men and women are not brought up on charges because of this. The current regime would see this as insurrection.

    1. What these men and women did in this video would not bring them up on charges. This would be historical oration, teaching, and teaching is a job you can have in the military.

      It is the political speech that is forbidden. I had been running a blog before I joined, back in the early days of blogging, and I asked JAG if I could keep doing it. I was told the best thing to do was shut it down since it could be traced back to me.

      I missed out on being at the beginning wave of the blogging phenomeon and now I'm just a spot of noise in the ocean. More than eight years of keeping my trap shut. I don't know how the other MSM in the news voicing their opinion are getting away with it. Maybe they aren't. Probably no jail time, but maybe a slap on the hand.

      So don't worry. These men and women are under no threat over this. It is our history.

      ( Although you are making a joke by invoking "the current regime," just want to make to make sure everyone else is comfortable about this young man's video. )

  2. Not many occupations that a person faces jail for not showing up for work.