Saturday, February 15, 2014

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Who cares? [ Your pathetic distractions ]

Watch the Super Bowl?

Who cares?

Team so-n-so passed and kicked a ball more than team such-n-such!

Who cares?

Our President threatens to violate the law of the land to write into law what HE thinks should be law.

Who cares?

Famous actor blah-blah-bloffman died!

Our President lied to us over and over to pass a health care law that so far has netted people losing health care; a majority of those that have not lost it now pay more. The effects are opposite of the promise.

Who cares?

Singer you-know-who did an inappropriate performance at an awards show. Let's all get upset and talk about it!

Our President lied to the nation AND the United Nations about why four or more Americans died in Benghazi.

But who really cares?


Your liberties are slowly being chipped away but you still have your general comfort level; you still can enjoy your pop culture distraction.

Who cares?

Obviously you don't!

Who cares?

That one percent, no, not the rich, those that serve. That one percent that promise their lives so that you may be free. That one percent that actually lose their first amendment rights to protect yours. That one percent that some frame as the evil military. That one percent that is a paradox of what some think means freedom.

Who cares?

Help the poor! Those that care about the poor care! Take from the rich!

Who cares?

We all should. This desire to protect the poor shifted care coming from the people to care coming from the government. But the government sucks at it! Charities must abide by certain guidelines, but the government that imposes these guidelines fails at these guidelines in their own welfare programs.

Who cares?

I care.

That is why I am telling you too many of you are idiots.

How can you care better?

Very simple.

When you vote, are you voting for someone that supports personal liberties or the common good?

Vote for personal liberties. That will increase the common good.

Voting for the common good is a vote for government control; the government can not do anything right. You've seen that, right? DMV, ACA?

Vote for singularity, not group control.

Do you care?