Thursday, July 12, 2012

"How to Personalize Learning" class taught via impersonal webinar

This is by no means a controversial story, but the irony of it just bears mentioning it.

The Department of Education held a class via webinar to teach and discuss how to personalize the classroom to get children interested in learning. The stated class topic:
how to personalize learning in a classroom full of diverse students with varying interests, skills and learning styles.
The idea seems to be a bit touchy-feely and perhaps emphasizes the teacher bending to the students instead of the students paying attention, but I didn't take the class. I am just going off of the description. But they are trying.

My two cents on the subject, and it adds to the irony. With the way people are becoming tech junkies and seem to be living more of their life through the view of handheld and tablet computers, the best way to catch students attention and get them to learn might be to make school more impersonal and done through this medium. I think it is bad for the human condition, but the impersonal touch might be more effective.

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