Friday, March 29, 2013

The Sequester has not slowed down the Dept. of Education

It isn't even funny anymore. The Department of Education has been bemoaning the sequester but keeps announcing new spending. They did it again this week.

The Department of Education continually wants more money to improve low performing schools. Unfortunately, because of the union, firing low performing teachers will never be the solution. So good teachers will continue to accelerate their students under these initiatives while the DoEdu scratches its head why these new ideas don't work when bad teachers implement them in a half-donkey way.

The DoEdu's ADDITIONAL spending so far under the sequester.

Date Project Amount
February 25 Improve lowest-performing schools $15,000,000
March 7 Baltimore School Shooting Recovery $35,000
March 11 School Improvement Grants (SIG) $69,600,000
March 27 2013 Investing in Innovation Competition $150,000,000

TOTAL $234,635,000

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Uneven and Irrational Enforcement of Illegal Immigration

At the blog for the Department of Justice there are two postings that got me thinking and a little bit angry. First was a posting about a Peruvian woman and a Bahamian women sentenced to jail time for helping illegal immigrants into the United States. Next was a story about a Brazilian husband and wife team sentenced to jail for helping illegal immigrants into the United States.

Why don't we just kick them out of the country? Oh yeah. Because of the sequester there were illegal aliens let out of holding for deportation because it was too expensive to keep them in custody. At least there is a consistent policy of no deportation here but now aren't we going to pay to house, feed, and guard them, sort of like they were in holding? What about the sequester?

Another thing that bothered me was that the blog postings wrote that these people people were bringing in "undocumented migrants." This is crazy. These "undocumented migrants" were breaking the law and the individuals going to jail were accomplices. Politicians are pandering to forgive illegal immigrants of their trespasses but we are putting their accomplices in jail during the sequester. It's like letting off a murder but a friend that helps bury the body is the one that goes to jail.

Another thing about the Department of Justice using the term "undocumented migrants" that bothers me is it screams like that George Carlin joke: [paraphrased] "if he's legally drunk, what's the f***ing problem?" If they are "undocumented workers" instead of being "illegal aliens" then what is the crime? Even more priceless is both posts in the title use "Alien Smuggling," not "Illegal Alien Smuggling." The Department of Justice is doing everything they can to make the illegal aliens sound innocent by using the adjective "undocumented" in the posts and "smuggling" in the title as if something was being done to them. Yet, read the post and you find out the illegal aliens pay for the services or someone else pays on their behalf. In fact, one of the cases involved the illegal aliens going from Brazil to France to England to the Bahamas to the United States so that it would appear as if they were tourists. These illegal aliens took a freaking vacation through Europe and the Bahamas as a way to break our laws! But we are going to forgive them and throw their travel agents in jail.

April 15th is coming up and I am going to find a dumb*** accountant and convince him to tell me to take a European slash Caribbean vacation as a write off. He signs the tax forms as the legal preparer and I claim to be the ignorant trodden worker that took his advice. Sweet. I'm the innocent victim.

As if it is not enough that these "undocumented migrants" were "smuggled" by twelve inch bananas, they are taken advantage of and get jobs and earn money. And so what does the government do? Fine and/or jail employers that hire illegal aliens.

Companies or employers/entrepreneurs that hire illegal aliens face fines and/or jail time. Really? Those that will give money for work are bad people/organizations?

It is just a way to blame business for the illegal actions of others. People come here to get jobs and the government is going to punish the employer for hiring someone the government did not stop from entering? The employer should understand better than the government who should be here? The employer should be better at enforcing the law than the government else be expected to be punished for not being more efficient than the government?

This is beyond crazy. The government wants to forgive the law breakers but punish the accomplices. Those that would give pay for work are also punished. So how else should the criminal entrants survive? The government teat?

The fur flying arguments among parties leaves me without knowing the truth. One side says illegals are suckling on government resources. The other side says they are hard working people earning their way because without documentation they can not suckle on the teat. And the government says they will jail or fine those that hire illegals, which leaves illegals without a job.

So what is really going on? I don't know anymore.

Legal immigration needs to be reformed. It is too expensive and complicated. It has caused a problem to want people to forgive the most law breaking part of the problem, those that enter illegally, and yet punish the most humanitarian, those that get them to a better life or give them a job.

This is why the government needs limited powers. It is not evil. It is stupid.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Warning For Ohio On Healthcare

Amusement Park Muslim Prayer Rooms - Stomp on Jesus

Warning! Adult Language!

As we weed out as much reference to the Christian religion as possible from the culture we bow to the needs of the Muslims. Workers are told to say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" at Christmas time meanwhile Muslim foot baths are popping up at airports and prayer rooms at amusement parks.

Am I being paranoid? What if I told you that a student was suspended for not stomping on Jesus?

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Celebrate Eric Holder's Guidelines : This is Sunshine Week!

Just two quick quotes from the Department of Justice's blog post.
This week we celebrate the fourth anniversary of Attorney General Eric Holder’s FOIA Guidelines, which call on agencies to administer the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) with a presumption of openness, to achieve greater efficiencies in responding to requests, and to make more information available to the public promptly and proactively.
It has been four years since these ideals were championed and today, the first day of Sunshine Week, we celebrate the many accomplishments we have achieved thus far.
Go for the throat:
  • Fast and Furious
  • Benghazi
Sunshine Week my "place where the sun don't shine!"

Third time the Dept. of Ed. announces spending during the Sequester

Twice I have pointed out that the same day the Department of Education complained about the sequester they also announced new spending.1 2 I thought this recent post was a follow-up to the first one I caught because both posts are about under performing schools. I was wrong.

The first post was about $15 million to be awarded to low performing schools. This recent post was an announcement of eleven states to receive money to turn around low performing schools, but the amount does not total $15 million. This is the list of awardees and amounts:

Connecticut$3.6 million
Kentucky$7.7 million
Maryland$6.8 million
Minnesota$5.5 million
Mississippi$6.1 million
New Mexico$4.1 million
Ohio$20.2 million
South Carolina$7.4 million
South Dakota$1.5 million
Utah$3.4 million
West Virginia$3.3 million

Total$69.6 million

There isn't any hurt going on during the sequester.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh No! The Sequester! Shhh! We're Spending : Part II

Again!? Are you kidding me!?

Once again the Department of Education freaks out about sequestration, but the post before it is about spending new money.
"Oh. But Screwy Puppy! This is money to heal for a shooting!"

Puhleeeeeeze! The shooting was in August and it is now March. Too late.

First, no one died. Second, any help needed was psychiatric, not monetary. And if the money is to reimburse for those services, too late again!

This is an amazing example of help coming too late. Federal assistance IS NOT AGILE! This means if you want to help you need to be there immediately. Not six months after. If there was not enough money to hire counselors and psychiatrists to help when it happened then now it will be more expensive to cure scaring of those that did not receive help.

It seems the moral of this Federal Folklore is "take a shotgun to school and shoot someone to get more money for your school." Fill it with rock salt so there is no tragedy in the end. Just money.

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Medicaid - How to Defraud the Government

Sooooo ... what could go wrong with ObamaCare?

Pop-Tart Gun - Crazy Good!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chavez and ... ?

Isn't that the Joker from Batman?

Why we don't like Obama

The scariest thing about Obama is his economic policies. He is awful! He believes in redistribution. He believes government spending drives the economy.

If his policies were so great then why aren't we doing great? or good? or even fair? No. This is what we fear --

Even worse, one Obama's wonderful policies, Obama Care or the Affordable Care Act, hasn't even taken full effect, but yet --

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Monday, March 4, 2013

The FCC is Promoting Liberty

We are seeing a glimmer of hope and common sense coming from the FCC in regards to a consumer's ability to use a product they own the way they want. This is in regards to the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress interpreting the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to mean a consumer is not allowed to alter their phone without permission from the company that produced it, ever. Even out of contract.

This is a partial quote from a statement by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski:
From a communications policy perspective, this raises serious competition and innovation concerns, and for wireless consumers, it doesn't pass the common sense test. The FCC is examining this issue, looking into whether the agency, wireless providers, or others should take action to preserve consumers' ability to unlock their mobile phones. I also encourage Congress to take a close look and consider a legislative solution.

The Government Doesn't Create Jobs, It Destroys Them

Remember the Buckyballs' controversy from the summer? Remember how the Consumer Product Safety Commission was suing because a few kids swallowed magnets? Even though the product was not sold in toy stores and marketed to adults and came with warnings not to swallow?

Maxfield & Oberton Holdings, LLC, the Buckyballs company, mocked the lawsuit with some startling facts about beds, stairs, tube steaks, hippos, and coconuts. The blogosphere and conservative sites all bemoaned the lawsuit. And then ... ?

The issue has been closed, and it has been closed for a while and I missed it.

The message you get when you go to the official BuckyBalls' site is as follows:
On December 27, 2012 Maxfield & Oberton Holdings, LLC (the "Company") stopped doing business and filed a Certificate of Cancellation with the Secretary of State of Delaware, thereby ceasing to exist pursuant to applicable Delaware law. The MOH Liquidating Trust has been established to deal with and, to the extent they are valid, pay, to the extent assets are available, certain claims which have been, and may later be, asserted against the Company. If you believe you have a claim against the Company, please click on link below to obtain the Proof of Claim form which you must complete and submit to the Trustee of the MOH Liquidating Trust. If the Trustee determines that a claim is valid, the Trustee will pay that claim, to the extent assets are available, in accordance with the terms of the MOH Liquidating Trust.

Yes. Buckyballs is officially out of business.

How did we miss this? They were gone in December! A Christmas gift going away! Well, they closed in December but the announcement was early November. That means in the final throws of an American election the press were silent on the closing of an American company due to the government frivolously pursuing them in the middle of an American recession, or is it a depression now?

So this means that we can no longer get Buckyballs, right?


There is a place to get them online: Buckyballs Club. Cool! The government didn't win, right? Well, go to the about page and look at the bottom and see the prominent shipment carrier: China Post.

This means I checked the site and got a "WhoIs" from The result is the site is owned by a Chinese company.
3/F.,HiChina Mansion,No.27 Gulouwai Avenue
Dongcheng District,Beijing 100120,China
Basically we can not buy Buckyballs in stores now, but can get them online. We will no longer buy them from an American company but a Chinese company.

And this administration has been complaining about the sequester and how it would cost jobs? Federal jobs, yes. But do they care about private sector jobs?

I don't know. Maybe it is just too dangerous for Americans to sell magnets. It is much safer to buy them online from China. Tax day is coming up. Pay your taxes so they can make jobs.

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