Friday, November 13, 2015

Canada's Minister of Science is a fraud

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

No such thing as straight women?

Psychologists are some of the most over-educated idiots. The normalization of homosexuals then transgenders and now there is no such thing as a "straight woman!"

What the hell is going on? Not only are you a bad person if you don't like homosexuality, or don't agree with gay marriage, or think transgender is a mental issue, but now you are abnormal or lying to yourself if you think you're straight?

The article summarizes the study which observes women looking at videos of naked people. There is zero mention of studying men which could serve as a control group. But the study claims that since women get aroused seeing a naked woman that means they are not straight!


I bet if men were used in this study they would become aroused by seeing a naked man because they would expect it to be porn and would see a naked woman soon. This does not make you gay!

Most people are straight! All of you that fall out of the norm should just deal with it. We don't care about your lifestyle until you keep shoving it in our face demanding we validate you because of your nontraditional lifestyle.

Validation comes from good works, so go do something good and stop talking about your genital preferences.

A Billion Dollar Immigration Form

Do you still believe in the competency of big government?

Well, after ten years and spending one billion dollars the government was able to get one, yes one, immigration form online.

The good news is there are only 94 forms to go! Supposedly it will only take about two billion dollars and four more years to get those done.

Who does the math on this?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The State of the Universities

2016 Election Money So Far : Fundraising Inequality

Income inequality? How about election fund-raising inequality?

The top two candidates that are fanning the flames of jealousy of one person having more money than someone else has while they themselves have more money than anyone else has.

Their supporters are blind idiots.

Update : Math

For every dollar Hillary raises, Bernie raises 54 cents. Is that white privilege or male privilege?

Yeah. That was an awkward sentence I wrote.

Department of Education and Stupidity, Again

BAM! Paragraph one out of the box!
No matter who you are, where you grew up or what you want to do, we all know digital skills and connectivity are crucial for success in today’s job market.
Does a painter, a farmer, a plumber, a chef, or a boxer really need digital skills and connectivity? NO! Some of those jobs might be helped by marketing on the internet but you can hire people to do that!

This is how an article from the Department of Education starts off to brag about how more money was spent for the government to get tablets and high speed internet for American Indian schools. This is supposed to be good because it will give students access to educational apps in STEM. This is supposed to solve the problem of indian youths having the lowest graduation rate across schools.

Money and gadgets do not improve education or graduation rate. The educational system needs to be examined. Students are not going to say "Hey! The school has tablets and the internet. I'll stay and graduate!" That is a bit of insipid simple thinking.

In addition, as far as STEM : Math just needs textbooks, pencils, and paper. Science requires the same as mathematics plus equipment for experiments. Only the technology and engineering portions of STEM really benefits from this.

However, this still does not solve the problem of the graduation rate.

Verizon and Microsoft are donating data and equipment, but there is still an over-arching government program which costs money.

Also we get some multicultural buzzword BS in the post. This somehow makes the education "culturally relevant" and "culturally appropriate."

Really? A freaking gadget is somehow more culturally sensitive or helpful than a person?

Fix the system; more spending never helps.

The Mechanics of the "White Privilege/Guilt" Scam Explained