Sunday, July 15, 2012

Crazy Grants : July 11th

Stabilize Archeological and Historic Artifacts $38,000+
Stop artifacts from rotting or corroding. Call me crazy, but couldn't these be donated to the Smithsonian, get treated, then loaned back out to the local museum?
BLM WY Dendrochronology In Whoopup Canyon ACEC $15,000
Use dendrochronology to document fire history of Whoopup Canyon. Sound fancy? What is dendrochronology? Analyzing tree rings. Count tree rings and document the burnt ones. This is important enough for a government grant with the deficit we have because of ... why?
NAWCA U.S. Small Grants $3,000,000
Reads like an environmentalist slush fund.

Today's Crazy Grants Total $3,053,000+

Today's Total $35,486,000+

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