Monday, July 23, 2012

A Polite Fail

The Obama campaign does not seem to recognize politeness or failure. The following story from an Obama advocate may read like an Obama success, but I read it differently.

Read Kristine's story before I babble on.

Did Kristine turn around Ron?

Ron's initial response was a vague noncommittal response. The fact he didn't mention who he was supporting could be interpreted as a polite "please mind your own business."

After Kristine's pitch he does say he will vote for Obama but finishes with a recognition of hard work on Kristine's part. I see multiple things happening here:

  • Acquiescing to vote for Obama will successfully end the pitch.
  • Praising Kristine's candidate makes her feel good.
  • Kristine is Ron's customer and making her feel good will probably guarantee future work.
  • Praising her work is a talking skill that many employers develop to make workers feel good. See previous point.

Ron is a businessman and most businessmen do not like Obama. Maybe Kristine did get another vote for Obama. Maybe Ron secured a customer for life.

One thing is for certain. Subtext escapes the Obamanites.

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