Monday, December 30, 2013

Is income inequality a good thing?

Is income inequality a good thing?


How can income inequality be a good thing? Because it is an obvious indicator of the right way and wrong way of going about making a living and living your life!

In relation to income inequality, once again the debate of raising the minimum wage has reared its ugly head. People working in minimum wage jobs want minimum wage to be raised to a "living wage."

What is a "living wage?" Does it mean you can afford an apartment in the slums or a house in the suburbs? You can afford to take the bus to work or buy a car and drive to work? You can pay for food for yourself or a family of four? Are we talking a no-skill job should pay the same as a skilled job?

If you want a better paying job you have to work for it; train for it; earn it. Raising the minimum wage is just trickle-up inflation. The cheapest stuff becomes more expensive and hence products up the cost ladder gradually become more expensive. And since the US dollar is no longer backed by gold, we can just print more to meet the demand of the devalued dollar, which ironically printing more will devalue it even more. ( Yes, it would be best to not print more to keep the dollar strong, but the Feds don't have the backbone to maintain a solid fiscal policy. )

Back to the main point, income inequality is an indicator of the right way and wrong way of going about making a living and living your life. Learn from your mistakes. If you are not making enough money you need to change what you are doing.

Some people will continue to strive to improve, do what is theoretically the "right thing" and still end up poor. Why?

Life is not fair. Sorry, but if you have a problem with that take it up with your god.

Man can not make life fair. Man can, however, help his fellow man; clarification - man can help his fellow man, not government can help our fellow man. Why?

Government elimination of economic inequality requires doing horrible things to the best people. Government has to take money away from those that earned it. Government has to force price controls. Government has to try to make sure everything is distributed evenly. And the talented protest by not producing and we all lose.

For Pete's sake, right now in Venezuela people are producing toilet paper at gunpoint! Do you want that to happen here?

That is a brief on making a living; what of living you life?

In short, do not spend more than you make. Throw out your credit cards. Live in the black, not the red. Live below what you think you can afford.

From here you just need to figure out what to fix in your life equation - how to make a living - living your life.

It just might be that simple.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

For The Love Of Failure

Oh how the press loves to point out failure, even if it is a first world problem.

UPS did not get all of its last minute orders delivered by Christmas. What is a last minute delivery? An order placed on Monday delivered by Wednesday. How many orders did they expect? 7.75 million.

UPS received more orders than expected and could not meet demands. Why are we complaining? The economy is doo-doo but Americans can still afford this much last minute shopping? ( Okay. A lot of that might be credit, so not so good. )

Let us contrast with President Obama's baby, ACA or Obamacare. In the first month it was expected to get 500,000 sign ups; that is less than 20,000 a day. All it had to do was push data from point A to point B. It failed.

UPS in ONE DAY expected MILLIONS of orders, pushed data from point A to point B and delivered products! It was overwhelmed because demand exceeded expectations.

After three months Obamacare has not met expectations and has increased demand by over eight times by causing policies to be terminated; Obamacare itself underestimated increased demand because it's left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing; meanwhile the demand it was confronted with was less than expectations and failed!

UPS will lose business for its mistakes even though in ONE DAY they took care of MILLIONS of customers.

So when are we going to fire the salesman that can't push just a little bit of data?

Is Substandard Healthcare Okay?

Is substandard healthcare okay?


How can substandard healthcare be okay? It depends on how one defines substandard healthcare.

Obamacare was sold under the lies of how healthcare works, lies of what one would get, and lies of what one would save. In order for the President to save face he stated people lost policies that were substandard and would be happier with what they would now get.

Not only does the President not understand economics, he does not understand what substandard means. His definition is that a person needs to pay for and be covered for items that do and do not apply to them. At a quick glance this makes sense because if everyone pays into the pot then all of the procedures are funded; the fall down of the concept is a federal mandate places a national standard on economic systems that require local nuances. In short, all economics are local.

Obamacare is failing because it is trying to control market forces. It is working against what the market wants which is what the people want.

That aside, is substandard healthcare okay?


By substandard healthcare we mean the lowest quality of healthcare someone receives.

How can this be okay? Compare today's substandard healthcare with top tier healthcare 20 years ago; one generation. A substandard healthcare of today does not offer everything from back then but it does have treatments not even developed then. This is particularly true with medication. Some of the expensive techniques back then are now an affordable commodity today.

Healthcare is like any technology; it improves and becomes more cost effective over time.

Top tier healthcare is the most advanced and the most expensive. The most modern techniques are paid for by the rich; the techniques are improved on rich's dime. Without this funding the techniques do not get developed. Government funding may invest in the medical market but on a bureaucratic time table, budget, and stipulations. Medical advancement in a free market happens as quickly as the capital and ideas are available.

Just because not everyone can not get the very best healthcare does not mean what they receive is not any good. The care received today is better than the care of yesteryear. There is not enough of the most advanced care for everyone, however, the lesser the level of care the more accessible it is to everyone. So if the government tries to implement a more fair and accessible health care system the most distributed healthcare will be the most available which is not top tier.

Now who will pay for top tier if it is not an easily available care?

Federal regulations to demand common availability will push advanced medicine into the black market. Isn't black market abortions one of the reasons cited for a need to legalize abortions?

Advanced healthcare, available only in Galt's Gultch. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


What about the Sequester!?

Remember the Sequester?

Yeah. That's gone with the new budget deal.

Thanks Democrats and Republicans.

Thanks for removing any chance of moving towards a balanced budget.

Thanks for helping devalue the dollar even more.

Thanks for nothin'!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Superbowl Rebellion

I may not care about sports but I am a man and I care about politics and economics.

I weep for the next Superbowl.

Okay. I don't weep, I'm a man. But I am super vinegar pissed off!

You can not tailgate at this years Super Bowl. You can not let a friend or family member drop you off at the Super Bowl. You can not even walk to the Super Bowl.

Government tells us what to do at the threat of a gun. Don't pay your taxes go to jail. Resist. Bang bang in an incident.

But you paid for this. You have purchased the advertisers products. You have gone to the home games. You buy food at the home games. They have profited at your exuberance.

So now, to just even get to the game you have to either for pay parking or buy transport on their approved minions.

If you scraped enough together to buy a ticket you are not allowed in without additional payment!?

I purport capitalism but that anti-walk-in policy is BULLSHIT!

The government has guns to support its policy; capitalism has popularism to support its policy.

It is probably too late in the game to register your complaint of the restrictive policies, but you can make for a messy aftermath!

These guys play a kids game and make a millionaires salary. Their managers don't even let you celebrate and they also make a millionaire's salary.

You are a money teat spewing out money milk.

Do not disrupt the Superbowl. Go to it. Enjoy. And once it is concluded,
Plan ahead to rebel. Buy an extra hot dog you don't plan to eat. Buy extra nachos with extra cheese. Bring a bag to the game and poop in it before the final minutes.

Winner is declared and EVERYONE throws their excess onto the field. Break your way to those press boxes and paid boxes. Piss and crap in their corridors.

Make the final scene a foul excrement of humanity.

Make them regret restricting your fun.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

True Value

"True value" is a pillar of capitalism and that pillar is being eroded by the deluded entitled masses and whacked out government laws, policies, and regulations of today.

What is true value?

That should be self evident. It is what "something" is worth. Something may be anything that is exchanged for money; in the most simple terms something will be a product or service.

What determines the true value of something?

Scarcity and demand.

That is mostly what one needs to know about economics except for the "poison" that government injects into the system. Poison screws everything up. Poison pollutes minds and markets. This poison makes conversations of economics difficult because most people become mired in the poison policies and arguments; those that try to even bring up the concept of true value do it so trying to frame it from the point of view of poison. This is impossible because seeing the big picture is hard from the bottom as opposed to the top; the top is from the pure view, true value, not the bottom view of poison, the branching down of something into what it was not intended to be.

So, what is this poison? Poison is government laws, policies, and regulations. It is forcing features onto a product that the consumer may not necessarily want. This means more work than necessary is put into a product than would otherwise be done. This makes the product more expensive since it takes more to produce it otherwise by default.

All of this should be obvious, but it is not. Poison has infected almost everything and we are blinded of true value. Only black markets come close to true value but the prices are poisoned and altered by legality.

Today we are in a crisis. Both workers and government are intent on skewing the market to what they think is fair.

Today we saw the strike of fast food workers because they want a living wage. Is that the true value of the service they perform? A young adult of fifteen or sixteen can do this job; is this not a common gateway into the workforce? A job that can be done by someone with no experience has very little value.

Regardless of how many adults trying to support a family or workers with a college education trying to repay student loans work these jobs it does not elevate the value of the service. They are replaceable by a young inexperienced individual.

Just for cruel amusement I would like to bring up the point that Henry Ford paid his workers well enough to buy the products they actually made. Fast food workers do make enough to buy the product they make.

I move on to Obamacare; mockingly it is officially named the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Obamacare is not Socialism, Communism, or Capitalism. I do not know what "ism" it is; I don't think there is an "ism" for it. It is a compulsory directive for people to buy something else be fined by the IRS else fail to pay the fine go to jail.

The concept is you buy something you don't need or can even possibly use to fund someone else that needs it. The government is forcing you to pay for a service you don't need.

Now someone gets a service at a lower cost than usual because you helped pay for it. Now they might use it more often. The more it is used, the more scarce the service becomes. Scarcity and demand drives up cost. This service you don't need becomes more expensive and now you need to pay more because it is the law that you buy it.

Can you see the poison now?

Let us backtrack to fast food workers with college degrees. They owe a lot of money because of student loans. Once the government got involved in student loans education became more expensive. That is because government student loans were subsidized by you, just like Obamacare makes people buy services they don't need. You funded student loans. Government loans are guaranteed by your tax dollars.

Once loans for college became more accessible and guaranteed by the government, hence your wages, more people went to college. Society urged the populace to go to college as opposed to trade schools. The social trend became college.

Social secret: trade skills have been socially devalued, but that does not create a scarcity of the need. Pushing people out of trade skills through social pressure increases scarcity of the skill thus increasing its true value through scarcity. Become a tradesman. How often do plumbers go broke?

I do think that this gives the basic illustration of cost and effect of poison on the system. If you disagree, ask a question.

Hard Hit

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Death of Health Care and Innovation

Oh the delusional public. I hope you are happy now. You've signed our death warrants.


This delusion that health care is a right. You all voted for a monster that made promises he broke and unilaterally and unconstitutionally changed rules of the law. The empty suit wears no clothes and has no experience. He acts as Caesar and you seem to be okay with it; some of you champion it.

Do you not realize that this savior of health care uses as a solution the original poison? That poison is government.

The first step in destroying health care was not government monkeying around with it but with wages. Businesses used the offer of health care to gain desired employees in defiance of the government's wage controls during World War II. This masks the end consumer from the true cost which is bad; this distorts the market.

The government follows suit a couple decades later with Medicaid and Medicare. The market is further distorted, especially since accountability is lessened and fraud is easier with government programs.

So that is the short story of how the market was distorted.

Back in the 90's an unelected woman behind the man of power was to design a government solution to a "problem" that was originally caused by government; the solution was designed outside of the public eye. This man of power we learned was not just a liar but a perjurer and the woman in fact supported his lie and even accused the accusers of being the guilty ones. Thankfully, and hopefully not surprisingly, the solution failed. People of that character should not be allowed to lead or succeed.

So in the late 2000's we get the empty armour of Caesar. The people would become subject to passing of the Affordable (snicker) Care Act (ACA); supported by only one political party through backroom deals and exemptions; this is just a reworking of the 90's failure and a variant of a health care plan of his slain foe. Believe it or not, the foe did not believe the plan was good.

And so the is a recap of recent history. However, I do need to reiterate an important quote to frame the rest of this talk.
But we have to pass the bill to uh find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy.
uncredited Witch

And so legislation is passed by the support of a single party without reading it. And none of these trolls were assassinated?

And so empty armour Caesar unilaterally and unconstitutionally gave business a free pass on their obligation when it came due; ironically Caesar did claim business the bad guy and that he would slay it, but instead indulged in its slushy compensations.

And time has come for the axe to fall on the citizens not under the protection of business; yes, business protects people due to the bizarre circumstances designed by the government in which the government would otherwise punish the people. Once again Caesar tries to dictate unconstitutional deference of law after rebuking the opposition for not supporting the law, but it is much more noticeable now that he does not have the authority because it affects the bare public.

We wait for what will happen. Will a change happen under approved processes; will change be allowed under an unconstitutional declaration from Caesar; will the law be implemented as stated?

From here we have to move on to what is next. This is the scary part. Since we needed to pass it to find out what is in it, what's next might be scary.

The Speculation

What of the sick? You must cover pre-existing conditions. This is bad.

Am I mean? Am I mad?

No. I am going to explain the big picture and how we might not improve health care under this new set of laws and regulations.

Normally pre-existing conditions would have a higher price if they could get a policy. If they could not get a policy due to lack of funds or unavailability how would a person get treatment?


Charity swells from those that have excess funds. Those that are in need benefit from charity. Charity picks up the slack.

But now since the law forces providers to cover all and that all buy insurance, insurance costs goes up and those that used to receive charity might be able to afford health insurance. Insurance is forced to pick up charity's tab. That hidden safety net is forced on everyone, not just those that can afford it and want to provide it.

So if that charity recipient now uses insurance instead, their care is limited by what the government allows, not what a charity will pay for. Hence, death panels.

Since we haven't read the law, do we know if charity can still give help? Or is it illegal for outside charitable functions to help people?

What about Doctors? There are Doctors that do charitable work for free. Does this law control this action of kindness? I have heard zero comment on this, but it worries me because ACA does price control; price control might interrupt charitable services.

Even worse, laws and regulations tend to only control knowns. New ideas and innovations quickly fall outside of this scope because the law does not cover the new ideas. How can people get access to new procedures if they are not legalized? Government control of health care will make only current knowns legal and new methods are unknown and hence, illegal. Hence, innovation is illegal and uncovered.

Well, you voted for this. Enjoy.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hats Off to the Obamacare Website Programmers

You may think I am about to tear into the programmers for the Obamacare websites or make fun of them. You may think this post will be some tongue-in-cheek sarcasm. But it is not.

Everyone wonders how after three years that the website launch for signing up for Obamacare could fail. It is simple. The programmers did not have three years. In fact, how long did they have?

Just this summer I remember the talk shows having discussions about states in which it was not still decided if they would open up a health care exchange or the federal government would. This summer that happened. No one was sure whom would be responsible.

This means not a single line of code could have been written yet. Only two or three months maybe for some sites to program and get ready for October first and millions of users. Unless you are a programmer you might not know what an insane request that is.

In these past three years Obamacare has been coming into shape and facing legal challenges. Obama himself has delayed parts of the legislation in a manner that is unconstitutional. How the whole system works has been free form regardless of the law. No one knows what it will look like in the end.

It is still changing.

So I cannot stand by and let people make fun of the programmers. They are at the mercy of the blowing winds of regulations. It is like herding cats. How can the programmers make a finished product for a system with changing rules?

You can not stress test a system if it is not finished. Obamacare is under an ever changing set of rules. We still don't know what it will all come down to.

How do you program that?

Herding cats, man. Herding cats.

You don't want to program that.


Get Arrested for Telling a Joke in America

Get arrested for telling a joke in America. Seriously. A recording playing at an airport announces that you can be arrested for making jokes about the TSA.

Come on people. The TSA are hard working people! Why would you make jokes?

Meanwhile an airport was evacuated because of burnt toast.