Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Spot the BS

Not the first time DNews has tried to pawn politics as science or facts.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Strip Searched for Tobacco

A student has claimed that they were strip searched for suspicion of possession of tobacco at a Jordan-Elbridge Central School District school. No mention of the students gender nor age.

Tobacco is so evil that we need to strip search children for it?

No matter how evil tobacco is, things may not go well for the school district.

Back in 2009 a school district was found to have violated a 13 year old girl's 4th amendment rights when she was strip searched for ibuprofen.

What is going on? These aren't even illegal substances. We can't sell them to children, but it's not like they are sneaking a weapon into school.

Children Sue Government Over Global Warming

NASA scientist Dr. James Hansen and several children are suing the U.S.Government over the continuing burning of fossil fuels contributing global warming. This ends up violating their future 9th amendment rights depriving them of life, liberty and property.

There has not been one computer model to get climate predictions right. There has been an 18 year measured pause in global warming. None of that matters if you can use children as pawns to further your agenda.

Monday, August 17, 2015

EPA Shakedown : It's all about the Green : July 2015

Shakedown stories from July 2015

Big Sky Energy : $0

If you are wondering why a $0 fine is on this list it is because this is a court ruling that was overturned that originally was a $492,800 fine. This make the list because of the outrageous nature of the original fine.

Big Sky Energy was found guilty in court of destroying wetlands but the problem is they were not informed of the trial. That's correct. Put on trial without a chance to defend themselves. Thank goodness this was overturned. Some government officials need to be put on trial for the original trial.

Ronald Foster : $400,000

Filled in a ditch. EPA claims it was a creek because two hills come together and collect water.

Stacey's Brook : $65,000

The fine is for contamination from the sewer system mingling with the storm drainage system. Bacteria has been found in the drainage water which empties on King's Beach.

This system, though, has been estimated to be 80 to 130 years old. So this system was created long before the EPA or regulations were created. There was no active violation of the regulations.

In addition no one knows where the contamination is happening and finding it has been likened to finding a needle in a haystack. So basically the bacteria has been blamed on the sewer system even though there is no direct proof. Could there be another source?

It has been suggested to use chlorine to treat the water to kill the bacteria but the EPA has struck down this proposal claiming that was every bit as bad as the original contamination.

Stacey's Brook and eventually the town of Swampscott have to upgrade their drainage and sewer systems.

Foster Poultry Farms : $112,500

Failed to meet the federal deadline for reporting significant quantities of chemicals stored at its facility in 2013. Carbon dioxide was one of the chemicals necessary to report.

Yup. Fined for slow paper work. Proper paper work was received.

Shining Ocean, Inc. : $16,575

Failed to meet the federal deadline for reporting significant quantities of chemicals stored at its facility from 2009 - 2013.

Yup. Another fine for slow paper work.

Wilcox Farms, Inc. : $15,625

Failed to meet the federal deadline for reporting significant quantities of chemicals stored at its facility in 2013.

Yup. Another fine for slow paper work. Proper paper work was received.

Navistar : $300,000,000

This is a currently unsettled case.

EPA claims Navistar used engines made in 2010 that did not conform to 2010 EPA emissions standards. Navistar claims it produced the engines if 2009 and put them in 2010 vehicles.

Even crazier is that the EPA claims Navistar did not follow procedures to get "transitory" exemptions to use the engines.

If the engine is made 2009 it is fine, but it is a crime if made in 2010. And I am unclear on the "transitory" exemption, but it sounds like if the engines were made in 2010 they would be legal if they filled out the correct paperwork, and probably payed for the exemption.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

EPA uses Carbon?

You know that evil of all evils; the thing that is causing global warming; the worst of the worst man produces ... CARBON!

Turns out the EPA is using a carbon treatment system to purify tainted water. I guess carbon isn't so bad, is it?

Treasury Secretary Supports the Iran Deal by Using Straw Man Argument

Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew has an op-ed piece in support of the Iran deal that will be published in the New York Times on Friday. His whole argument rests on the fact that rejecting it means we need to put sanctions on trading partners too.

That's it. That is his whole argument.

Doing so would be bad economically for us but we don't have to do that if the deal is rejected.

That is a straw man.

Government Studies the Painfully Obvious

The National Institutes of Health reports that in a study there are adult Americans that have experienced pain withing 3 months of that study. Amazing. As you grow older you might experience pain.

The study also finds people experiencing pain are more likely to have poor health and use more health care. Wow. It's almost as if when you are sick your body tells you that you are sick through pain. And who would've thought someone sick and in pain is more likely to use health care than a healthy person that is not in pain. It seems to defy logic!

And get this. People that still experience pain after medication might turn to yoga, massage, and meditation to manage the pain. Wow. Doing something about pain instead of just looking at it.

I've learned a lot today. Thank you for this study.

Government Finally Cuts Spending

Yeah! The government has finally cut some spending!

What have they cut?

Disposable plates and cutler!

I'm fine with this, but it is a bit silly. Most businesses consider these items a regular business expense. People eat at their desks sometimes so they can continue working. This is good for the company because they get more work out of their employees.

But if this saves us enough money so we can study shrimp on a treadmill, go for it!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Secretary of Labor's Rose Colored Glasses

Well, the Secretary of Labor, Tom Perez, has put out a blog post calling on workers to form unions.

Tom cheers that we are in a great economic recovery but laments that wages are not up. He cites that union workers make about $200 more a week and so more people should form unions.

Of course there is no way that the ACA (Obamacare) has nothing to do with wages. Forcing employers to spend more money on employees or cut back on their hours to avoid this has absolutely nothing to do with wages. No. Not being in a union is to blame for low wages.

And yet, later in his blog post he writes:
At the same time, employers are recognizing the benefits of empowering their employees to build successful, profitable businesses founded on middle-class jobs. Across the country, we’ve seen company after company raise their minimum wage, offer sick and parental leave, and commit to fairer scheduling practices.

What is it Mr. Secretary? Do we need unions or are companies getting competitive by offering their employees more?

Let us not forget how well the unions have worked out for Chrysler and GM. Plus how unions have bankrupted cities.

But no. With all the bankruptcy that unions cause let us go ahead and promote them. There is plenty of bailout money. Maybe that extra $200 a week people will make can be used in bailouts to keep the businesses open so that they can pay an extra $200 a week.

Perez has a small distorted vision on wages and does not take into account of what the government has thrust upon businesses through regulations and laws, nor has he examined how unions have hurt businesses.

There is no economic growth unless you make the environment friendly to make a profit. The smaller a company's profits get, the smaller the salaries, hours, and size of the work force.

Alleging Pay Gap

The Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs found that Savannah River Nuclear Solutions discriminated against female and black employees in pay from 2009 through 2010. The company denies this but has a conciliatory agreement to compensate these employees.

This sounds like one of those situations where it is cheaper to settle out of court. The settlement is for $235,000 across 72 employees. That is only $3263.89 per employee. Considering these are STEM jobs and probably pay well this discrepancy is probably fairly small percentage wise and easy to not notice.

In addition the article mentions the company had a $2.5 billion contract in 2009. That makes this amount incredibly small in terms of bookkeeping.

Breaking down these numbers start to look statistically insignificant. This is looking like the government trying to force exactly equal outcomes and assuming small discrepancies are discrimination.

Please note that the article does not give any indication of the incomes of any of the employees or their job specifications other than being STEM jobs. I can only assume the STEM job is fairly decent pay perhaps above $70,000 a year.

Escape from California

It is so depressing when fictional dystopian movies come close to being real life.

So far a majority of driver's licenses issued by California went to illegal aliens. 443,000 of 883,000 licenses by the end of July in 2015 went to illegal aliens.

Maybe we should build a fence around California and change California from a state to a jail or loony bin like "Escape from LA" and "Escape from New York." It is driving out all sorts of businesses due to its tax policies, but is taking in all sorts of illegal aliens. How long till Americans are the minority in California?

Maybe we just kick California out of the union and give it to Mexico. There you go Mexico. Pay for those Californian entitlements.

Best thing might be to strip California of its laws and make it a territory of Texas subject to Texan law. YeeHA!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

More Politics in Science

The "climate change" hysterics infection of science is abhorrent. It is not the only politicization in science.

The Minority Business Development Agency, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer have partnered to fund minority businesses in the science field.

I don't think the government should be funding businesses period. A business should stand on its own success, not propped up by government.

What is more disturbing about this program is the government is going to fund high-tech companies not based on its merits but the color of the people in the company. That is a piss poor way to fund science.

The article laments that minority owned high-tech businesses are a minority in that field. So the government needs to step in to help them make up more of the market share because, I don't know, diversity makes for better science?

What are the chances that funding technology in this manner they will actually fund something important? This program admittedly ignores most tech companies because a majority of them are not minority businesses.

Can you hear it? Whoosh! Tax dollars being flushed down the toilet.

Money for Energy from the Department of ... Agriculture?

The redundancy in government is mind blowing. You would think loans and grants for energy come from the Department of Energy. Well, some do.

But why is the Department of Agriculture "investing" $63 million to support 264 energy projects? To promote American energy independence. Sure sounds like something that the Department of Energy should be doing.

In addition small business in rural areas are eligible. It appears that the business might not have to have anything to do with agriculture. Suddenly it seems that this program is also venturing into the territory of the Department of Commerce.

I do have to say that I am also a bit amused that these grants and loans can be used for geothermal energy production. Give me some money so I can drill through the mantel and harvest the awesome power of liquid magma!

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Government Force on Children

You will do as you are told or there will be consequences.

Children that are 8 or 9 years old do not fit in handcuffs. So how do you put handcuffs on a child? Put their arms behind them and use the handcuffs above the elbow.

What could cause a child so young to be treated as such?

  • Screaming in class
  • Trying to leave an isolation room
  • Not doing as you're told

Obey the state or suffer the consequences.

More Climate Change : the Other Side of the Argument

Even after this presentation one of the politicians still argues that since there are so many scientists that think climate change is a problem caused by man it must be true. He went into this with a closed mind.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Burt Rutan on Global Warming

Bad-ass aerospace engineer Burt Rutan goes over his research into the data of global warming/climate change. Awesome presentation of the good of increased CO2 and destroying the consensus myth.

I support the police but...

The stupidity is incredible. Just incredible.

Here is the set of information that the Court and the police had:
  • The police were receiving online threats coming from a specific IP address
  • The IP address belongs to a 68 year old woman's wifi network
  • The woman's wifi network is unprotected
  • Two houses down from the woman is a man with a history of making threats against the police
What happened next?

A U.S. Circuit Judge recommended waiting a day or two to get a better understanding of whom was responsible.

What happened next?

The day after the court's recommendation the police sent in an 11 man SWAT team knocking down a door and throwing two flash bang grenades through an open window at, guess who's house? That right. The 68 year old woman's house.

The 68 year old woman and her 18 year old daughter, yes, the story says 18 year old daughter, were put in handcuffs and interrogated. After it was obvious they were not involved they were released.

What happened next?

The next day the police asked the other suspect, yes, asked, to come in for questioning.

The police justified the first assault because they thought there might be someone armed and dangerous inside the home.

Seriously. WTF?