Monday, July 9, 2012

It's not an Immigration Problem

The American farmers across this country could lose 5 to 9 billion dollars due to a shortage of farm workers.

About 60% of farm workers are illegal immigrants. Georgia anti-immigration laws ( I believe sourcing article means illegal-immigrant laws, big difference ) scared away many illegal immigrants in 2011. Only 7,000 of the available 12,000 jobs were filled.

There is a 30% to 40% drop in available labor force in California.

Criminals Help Curb the Tide of Illegal Immigrants

One reason for the shortage of farm workers is a shortage of illegal immigrants.

Smugglers are charging more to get people into the US. Drug cartels are forcing those choosing to enter the US illegal to traffic drugs. This is hindering peoples decision to enter the US illegally.

Who would have thought that criminals could get people to not break the law?


An overhaul of H-2A federal guest worker program is said to be a good solution. Make it quicker and give it a path citizenship. The path to citizenship for the US is way out of hand and does need to be overhauled. It is way too expensive and complicated.

In the meantime, with unemployment in the US over 8% the solution is not to get more legal or illegal immigrants into the country. We need to get Americans working the fields and orchards. Why won't anyone say this?

Instead of the government wasting money on building fake power lines to hunt birds or giving grants to count birds in Mexico, why doesn't the government spend our tax dollars on PSAs announcing picking seasons? Maybe set up a website identifying who needs workers? Maybe just identify websites that have farm jobs.

A google search can help. And I'll do my part. Here are three sites to get started on looking for a farm job:

Farm and Ranch Jobs

There's nothing wrong with an honest days work of hard labor. A day you make a dollar is better than a day wishing you could earn a dollar.

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