Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kind of despicable

WTF Mitt Romney celebrates the life of an American astronaut and you celebrate a snarky comment about it?

I honestly have to say I did not know Sally Ride was a lesbian till I saw this. I did not read any of the obituaries or news stories. I knew who she was and how she died from the headlines.

I occasionally go to to see what nuttiness they are posting to make fun of it. When I saw this piece I was surprised. Did Sally Ride publicly come out that she was gay? Was Sally Ride a LGBT advocate and I missed it?

No. She was an advocate for Women in Science.

I would like to quote an article from the Seattle Times about Sally Ride:

In death, Sally Ride inspires a new audience

The first U.S. woman in space never revealed publicly that she was a lesbian, but her obituary did — and LGBT groups have taken notice.

Astronaut Sally Ride, who died this week at 61 of pancreatic cancer, inspired millions around the world, not only as the first American woman in space but for her support for women in the sciences.
Posthumously, she is inspiring a new audience: the LGBT community. Ride was the first known LGBT astronaut.

It seems like no one knew that Ride was gay. She didn't want to advertise it. If she did it probably would have overshadowed her interest of promoting women in science.

Now that she has passed and now that we know she was gay, if you don't support gay marriage you can not say anything about Sally Ride without someone jumping all over you comment, even if your comment was praise about her accomplishments. If you don't support gay marriage you can not praise someone who is gay that never told anyone they were gay. If you don't support gay marriage you can not praise a person who is gay that never pushed the LGBT agenda.

If you read the rest of the Seattle Times article it will go on to say what a role model she is for the LGBT community.

This is unbelievable. Sally Ride was the first American woman in space. She promoted women in science. Now liberals and the LGBT community are going to parade her corpse around and promote her as a gay hero.

Will women in science be forgotten unless they are a lesbian?

Thanks for distracting from Ride's message of women in science Does this mean LGBT is more important than women? Is this now part of the "war on women?"

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