Thursday, July 19, 2012

CO2 Day

Today I have read some environmental stories that are not quite worth a blog post or I can not track down the money involved in the story to illustrate the fraud. However I was inspired to battle the anti-carbon movement.

Let us make December 2nd CO2 day!

Why December 2nd? In hexadecimal the letter C is 12. Hence, a little creative license we rewrite CO2 as CO2 as C/O2 as 12/02.

There is a neat little coincidence with December 2nd set as CO2 day. In 1970 it is the day the the EPA started operating.

I was going to write a post on the virtues of Carbon Dioxide, but American Thinker already did that. So read the piece at American thinker.

When December 2nd rolls around do something that creates a lot of Carbon Dioxide. Maybe do something like combining baking soda and vinegar. Go for a jog so that you end up breathing heavy. Put some dry ice in water. Do something to get more CO2 into the air. The plants will like it!

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