Thursday, March 24, 2016

Video Roundup : March 23, 2016


"Hillary Admits KKK Leader was Her MENTOR - Robert Byrd, the Man Who Tried to Stop Civil Rights Act!!" by Mark Dice


"Trudeau appoints 7 new Senators: Open, transparent, Non-partisan? Not even close" by Rebel Media.


"White People MADE Me Do It" by Naked Ape.


"Obamacare Bust: The Fight to Repeal Obamacare" by PJ Media.

"The Truth Behind the Affordable Care Act" by Learn Liberty.


"50 Questions for Feminists" by Dr Shaym.

"University of Albany doesn't know how to feminism" by Bearing.

"Redneck Feminist (That's a first!)" by Undoomed.

"9 Reasons Men Get Paid More Than Women (The Wage Gap Debunked)" by Dr Shaym.

"TL;DR - #VoteTrumpGetDumped - Stumping the Trump?" by TL;DR.

"Feminists, Bears and Rhinos; Oh my!" by Undoomed.


"Hulk Hogan Legdrops Gawker: Gets $115 Million Verdict in Sex Tape Trial" by Stefan Molyneux.


'“Buffoon” Gerald Butts scolds “snarky westerners” for mocking Earth Hour' by Rebel Media.


"Uber OUT, TappCar IN: Was Notley NDP cronyism at play in Edmonton shut down?" by Rebel Media.


"The Truth About the Brussels Attack" by Paul Joseph Watson.

Peter Principle

"Incompetent Minister Mihychuk ill-prepared to guard against union corruption" by Rebel Media.

Free Speech

"Canadian province facing ban on free speech" by Bearing.

Some Levity

"Racial appropriation is racist ... or something" by Bearing.


"Real Men Don't Vote Bernie Sanders" by Steven Crowder.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Video Roundup : March 17, 2016


"Multiple arrests of Liberals, PQs by Quebec’s anti-corruption unit" by Rebel Media.

Government & Islam

'CONFIRMED: Millions spent on “Mosque built for no one” and army base renovations' by Rebel Media.

Social Justice Warriors

'SJWs bring "consent" to St. Patrick’s Day — "ASK to kiss me, I’m Irish"?' by Rebel Media.

Some Trump Levity

"Donald Trump is LITERALLY Hitler" by Paul Joseph Watson.

"Man Runs Over Trump Sign with Jeep" by Mark Dice.

Face Palm

Insanity unearthed by Rebel Media.

Video Roundup : March 16, 2016


Chuck Woolery on history and Trump's trade policy.


"Trudeau receives award from “gender equity” group - exposes his utter hypocrisy" by Rebel Media

'Music mogul Russell Simmons' anti-Trump tweet "self-righteous, hypocritical"' by Rebel Media.

Regressive Left

"What is the Regressive Left? - Understanding Idiocy" by Chris Ray Gun


"Scotland Gun Control: Where Nightmares Are Reality" by Colion Noir.


From Rant With Jeff.

Some Levity


Gavin Mcinnes + Feminism = Humor

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Department of Energy conducts research to make wind turbines less effective

Is the Department of Energy really conducting research to make wind turbines less effective?

Essentially the DOE is conducting research to ensure less birds are killed with wind turbines. That sounds good since wind is supposed to be a green energy and it should not adversely affect wildlife, but it currently does. And the expected results of the research will be the following:
The ultimate goal is to detect birds flying near a turbine with enough time to for the turbine blades to stop spinning and prevent a collision.
"Renewable energy" is already unreliable enough. Now tech is being designed to shut it off if wildlife is in the vicinity. Terrorists don't need to blow up our power grid; they only need to release a few birds near it.

Let's take a look at the propaganda video and see if there might be some problems with the research.

Did you see the problem with the research in the video?

The turbines were not moving!

The eagles were flying without the distraction of a moving target or the effect of low frequency noise. If you are unfamiliar with "low frequency noise" then do a search on it. There are many horror stories of the affects associated with wind turbines.

Maybe there were tests with the turbines running which would mean the eagles were then put at risk. Who knows? Maybe a bird or two died in the data collection.

What else could go wrong?

How about this paragraph:
The birds used in the recent flights belong to Auburn University’s Southeastern Raptor Center, a rehabilitation center for birds of prey. These eagles are not trained for extensive flights; they are trained to soar across a football stadium and land on the field, so the researchers modified their tests accordingly. They used a man lift to take the eagles as high as possible before releasing them so they could trade altitude for airspeed.

Trained birds that are trained to fly one hundred yards or less to fetch a reward were used to simulate wild birds flying in predatory patterns looking for prey (reward). Yeah. Sure. Releasing them as high as you can will account for modified behavior between a domesticated bird and a wild bird.

Two companies and a government agency did this. Many adults had to be involved. Did not anyone say, "I see a problem?" In the end imperfect data was produced.

Why not set up cameras that activate when the turbines are active? You get data on multiple species that are actually behaving normally in the situations you want to prevent accidents.

Or am I being too sensible in gathering real world data?

Video Roundup : March 15, 2016


"The Assassination of Trump" by Paul Joseph Watson.

"What Pisses Me Off About Donald Trump Protests" by Stefan Molyneux.

"Media GUILTY of shameful double standard on violent Trump protests" by Rebel Media.

Abortion, Journalism, and Triggering

There are all sorts of wussy insanity in this video from Rebel Media.


Socialism needs to keep selling itself to the people. Canada has socialized medicine; here a hospital uses its tax dollars to produce a magazine to tell people how great they are. No need to put the money into health care! Courtesy of Rebel Media.

Liberty Pen spotlights John Stossel and Gloria Alvarez talking about socialism in Latin America.


Facebook censoring posts about court cases on fracking from Rebel Media.

Protesters shut down talk on political correctness and how it stifles free speech from Rebel Media.


"5 Hillary Clinton Flip-Flops" by The Amazing Atheist.


Another individual Islamic terrorist attack in Canada from Rebel Media.

Global Warming

"Can Humans Cause Global Warming with CO2-Emissions From the Burning of Fossil Fuels?" by The Heartland Institute.

Some Levity

Mark Dice tries to sell a 100 oz. silver bar for $100 or less.

Super Delegates...To the Rescue (of Hillary Clinton)! by ReasonTV.