Monday, August 18, 2014

YeeHa! Texas!

I am now in Texas!

My move is complete, but the unpacking is not.

What a beautiful place.

So, yeah. It is hot, but it is better than too cold.

Love the people.

The wild-life is awesome. Well, by wild-life I mean regularly encounterable critters. In this case, lizards, birds, and bats.

Back in Atlanta all I saw was a lone bat circling my local area. In Texas where I work, during window cleaning, the bats were disturbed enough I could see a dozen in the parking garage; many circled our building during the day during the cleaning. Near where I live is a location to buy tickets for a comfortable seating to watch thousands of bats emerge at dusk from a hollow. The nearby river-walk also is quite a spetacle.

Upon my return from the market on my first shopping day with an initial load of staples I set my bags down inside my door-wall. I went and gathered the rest of my pack and set those down too. I picked up the first bag I intended to unload and saw something scurry from its place to an adjacent bag.

All I thought was "Crap! A roach."

I shifted and lifted bag after bag while I shooed the critter into the open. Once I was successful I found it was not a roach but a small, (baby?), gecko. This gorgeous lizard that back in Michigan that would fetch from $20 to $100 just waltzed into my abode.

If intelligent design is true, then Jim Henson was an angel birthed upon the earth; he designed the gecko before that. The gecko looks like a muppet; it is so muppet like it is surprising it does not talk.

I bet Henson created the Platypus on a bet too.

I've seen anoles scurrying around outside my place. In fact, I have seen the most brilliant green borne by an anole crawling up the outside of my building with a tail that transitioned from green to brown to black like he was a lit candle blown out after a few seconds. However, the anoles are like willow o' the wisp and scurry the closer you come towards them.

At work vultures and birds of prey perch and saunter about the buildings edge. These creatures can take a perception that birds are fragile creatures and twist them into beasts to fear. They sport a mass to be reckoned with.


I have come home.