Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Illegal Alien Sneaking In

Unbelievable footage of an alien sneaking into the country! Hanging onto the bottom of the car!

Okay. If I'm going to be silly, here is some genetically altered cows.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Is 90% of Climate Data Wrong?

There is a press release about the United States Historical Climatology Network's (USHCN) measuring devices and their improper placement for measuring temperature. It appears that about 90% of the measuring devices are in urban or heat-sink areas. Their placement by concrete and asphalt that radiate heat or placement near air conditioning or machinery that kick out hot exhaust has inflated the numbers recorded.

Ninety percent!

Now when someone points to the data you can tell them it is wrong.

Go read the press release for the full story.

Newsweek Uses Opinion Piece For Cover

Wimp. We remember this allegation leveled at Bush 41. This opinion piece that calls Romney a wimp even mentions that old Bush story and how Bush was NOT a wimp. And the author goes on to describe Romney as a wimp.

Really? Discredit an old wimp story then you think a new one will stick?

I tried to read the whole piece but it is just so bad that I just could not finish it. Everything said about Romney can be said about Obama. Will there be an Obama wimp story?

There is a reason this piece is so bad. Remember that pundit that thought Romney went to the NAACP just to get booed? He also said the term "Obamacare" is an insult? Yeah. That's the guy that wrote this wimpy piece.

That should make it easy to understand the silliness of the opinion.

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz Promotes Substance Over Style

Wow. I actually have something in common with Debbie Wasserman Schultz. We both think that your elected candidate should support your political issues. I don't think it is good enough to get a Republican in office if they are a RINO. Wasserman doesn't think it is good enough to get a woman in office unless they support the Democrats agenda.

You can disagree with her politics all you want, but at least she is sticking to her principles. Would she come out and say the same thing about getting a black person or a latino in office? I hope so. Otherwise it is shallow to praise voting for someone just because of their gender or race.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kind of despicable

WTF MoveOn.org? Mitt Romney celebrates the life of an American astronaut and you celebrate a snarky comment about it?

I honestly have to say I did not know Sally Ride was a lesbian till I saw this. I did not read any of the obituaries or news stories. I knew who she was and how she died from the headlines.

I occasionally go to MoveOn.org to see what nuttiness they are posting to make fun of it. When I saw this piece I was surprised. Did Sally Ride publicly come out that she was gay? Was Sally Ride a LGBT advocate and I missed it?

No. She was an advocate for Women in Science.

I would like to quote an article from the Seattle Times about Sally Ride:

In death, Sally Ride inspires a new audience

The first U.S. woman in space never revealed publicly that she was a lesbian, but her obituary did — and LGBT groups have taken notice.

Astronaut Sally Ride, who died this week at 61 of pancreatic cancer, inspired millions around the world, not only as the first American woman in space but for her support for women in the sciences.
Posthumously, she is inspiring a new audience: the LGBT community. Ride was the first known LGBT astronaut.

It seems like no one knew that Ride was gay. She didn't want to advertise it. If she did it probably would have overshadowed her interest of promoting women in science.

Now that she has passed and now that we know she was gay, if you don't support gay marriage you can not say anything about Sally Ride without someone jumping all over you comment, even if your comment was praise about her accomplishments. If you don't support gay marriage you can not praise someone who is gay that never told anyone they were gay. If you don't support gay marriage you can not praise a person who is gay that never pushed the LGBT agenda.

If you read the rest of the Seattle Times article it will go on to say what a role model she is for the LGBT community.

This is unbelievable. Sally Ride was the first American woman in space. She promoted women in science. Now liberals and the LGBT community are going to parade her corpse around and promote her as a gay hero.

Will women in science be forgotten unless they are a lesbian?

Thanks for distracting from Ride's message of women in science MoveOn.org. Does this mean LGBT is more important than women? Is this now part of the "war on women?"

Friday, July 27, 2012

More Big Government Thinking

Oh son of a ... it's right in their blog post headline.

U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Launches Historic Expansion of Infrastructure Finance Fund

Big government spending just got bigger. $17 billion is currently available for direct loans, loan guarantees, et cetera for state and city infrastructure projects submitted to TIFIA (Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act). This can all eventually balloon up to $50 billion.

What does U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood think?
Americans have always done big things – not in spite of hard times, but as a means of overcoming them. That’s why the Obama Administration is launching the largest infrastructure loan program in our history – these investments will help cities and states create jobs right away building the big transportation projects we need to make sure our economy continues to grow and prosper.
Yeah. Government takes our money then spends it. That doesn't spur the economy. The people need to spend and they can't spend if the government keeps taking our money.

Why do the people need to spend instead of the government? Because the people get something in return. It enriches their lives. Roads are important, but it doesn't enrich our lives. If anything it will delay the flow of money in the economy.

$50 billion to roads puts $50 billion in the hands of construction companies and the government. $50 billion of the peoples money goes to everything! Restaurants, stores, barbers, movies, toys, et cetera. By the government focusing so much money in one area it takes longer for it to disburse.

These infrastructure projects still require state and local governments to submit their projects to TIFIA for the money. Then you have to wait for approval. Then there is planning. Then you can do the project. This is just more of the "shovel ready" malarkey we were sold a couple years ago.

Nice. $50 billion more removed from the economy. Way to go big government!

Bring a Gun to a Racist Knife Fight

"You killed my people!"

Customer purchases a knife at a store. He then takes it to the entrance of the store and starts stabbing people. A man with a gun stops him without shooting. The knife-man gave up his weapon.
We have no mention of race. We do know that all involved are males in their 30s or 40s.

Now for some wonderful politically correct insanity. A quote from the story:
Police say right now they have no idea what caused the suspect to go on the dangerous rampage.
Really!? The criminal was yelling "you killed my people!"

Last weeks theatre shooting was random and motive was the criminal is a nut job. This crime the criminal was screaming why he was doing it!

Last weeks theatre shooting might have been cut short if someone had a gun. This one was cut short because someone had a gun.

Unless we find out that the attacker was the same race as the victims we know the motive. If the attacker is the same race, then this is another crazy random nut-job.

I say 99% chance there is a racial difference.

Anyone want to play a game and guess the race of the attacker?


Turns out this is an old story. It is from April. I am one of the many people who followed a tip from Drudge Report.

What is really amazing though is that there is no follow up to this story that I can find. What was the motive? What is the race of the attacker and victims?

Media is even more silent on this story than I ever thought!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Petition Frenzy

There is an online petition frenzy for Mitt Romney to release more tax returns. Online petitions don't really hold any weight, but people feel good about them. So maybe it doesn't matter that there are so many petitions out there, but it is fuel for the press as content for "what the people want."

These tax return petitions are all about the class envy. Make people mad about how much Mitt Romney has earned. Get mad at all the tax breaks and deductions he gets. Try to prove he is shifty and hiding something. However, even if he did release his tax returns, how many of us would be able to make heads or tails out of the returns? Don't most people have trouble with simple tax returns?

I have found 25 petitions asking for Romney's tax returns and I wonder "why so many?" Wouldn't it be better for one strong petition and everyone promotes it? Does anyone look first for a petition? Or are these petitions like blogs and voice an opinion instead of as a tool to influence policy?

The following is list of the tax return petitions that I have found:
site date goal name
forcechange.com 7/18/2012 ? Tell Mitt Romney to Come Clean About His Financial History
forcechange.com 7/15/2012 ? Mitt Romney Must Release More Years of His Tax Returns
progressmichigan.org ? ? Mitt Romney: Release Your Tax Returns Dating to Your Time at Bain
dscc.org ? ? Demand Mitt Romney Release his Tax Returns
signon.org ? 50 Pay Your Fair Share of Taxes - Ethics, not just Legal Compliance
democracyforamerica.com ? ? What is Romney hiding?
padems.com ? ? Tell Mitt Romney To Stop Hiding And Release His Tax Returns
thepetitionsite.com ? 1,000 Insist that Mitt Romney releases his tax return now!
moveon.org ? ? Mitt Romney: Release Your Tax Returns
leftaction.com date 25,000 Tell Mitt: "Stop hiding your tax returns"
change.org ? 200 Romney for President, Inc.: Release your Tax Returns from 2005-2009
change.org date 100 Arizona Secretary of State: Check Mitt Romney's papers
change.org ? 100,000 Mitt Romney Campaign: Release 10 years of tax returns
change.org ? 200 What is he hiding?
change.org ? 100 Mitt Romney: Release your tax returns!!
change.org ? 200 Mitt Romney: Release additional years of tax returns
change.org ? 100 Maricopa County Sheriff: Investigate Mitt Romney's Tax Returns and Olympics Contracts
change.org ? 500 Candidate for President of The United States: Disclose your tax returns.
change.org ? 100 Mitt Romney: Show multiple years of Mitt Romney's tax returns to the American people.
change.org ? 100 Mitt Romney: show his tax return for 10 years min.
change.org ? 100 Citizens of the United States of America: Demand Mitt Romney release at least 10 years of tax returns.
gopetition.com 7/17/2012 10,000,000 Release Romney's Last Twelve Years of Tax Returns
ipetitions.com ? ? US Voters Need to See Mitt Romney's 2000-2011 Tax Returns

The conservatives comparable sealed files issue is President Obama's school records. Other presidents have released them, but President Obama has not. I have found 2 petitions.

site date goal name
petitiononline.com ? ? Expose Barack Obama and Free America
thepetitionsite.com ? 5,000 obama disclose your information

This does not mean there are not petitions out there on Obama issues. You can find many birth certificate and impeach petitions. Keep looking and you can find more crazy items. Actually, there are a lot of crazy petitions period!

Does any of this mean anything? Should the politicians pay attention or is it noise?

There is one more petition about Mitt Romney's tax returns you should look at and sign. It was put up by Godfather Politics, and there is a blog entry from him you should read.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Crybaby Campaign

Crybaby or liar?

Remember how Romney's campaign reported $100 million in campaign contributions for June? Remember how the Obama campaign said Romney was going to out-raise and out-spend him in the campaign? Wasn't Obama saying Romney was going to "buy" the election?

May was a big month because Romney out-raised Obama for the first time. It was the first time Obama was out-raised since 2007. At the end of May the war chests stacked up in Obama's favor. So at the end of June, are the war chest numbers in favor of Romney? No. Check with the Federal Election Commission:

May Warchest Totals

Obama $277 Million
Romney $175 Million

June Warchest Totals

Obama $300 Million
Romney $153 Million
Did you catch that? The gap grew bigger in Obama's favor. I guess Obama's rhetoric means he is going to buy the election.

If you look at the FEC numbers on the candidates, Obama is out-raising and out-spending.
Below is the spread sheet you can download from the FEC. It has been pared down to just Obama and Romney and columns relating to totals. ( Unabridged is huge and more confusing. ) In a majority of categories Obama out-raises and out-spends Romney. How is Romney out-doing Obama in anything?
Just remember how Obama and the campaign cried wolf. They were going to be out-spent into oblivion. The campaign and Biden expressed this concern. Well I am calling "shenanigans!"

When Romney first out-raised Obama in May we knew the numbers in early June. I had a post on June 8th with numbers from both campaigns. This time the Obama campaign seems to have milked Romney's ability to raise a lot of money early in the month to scare people into thinking the election was being bought. They waited till the 20th to release their numbers, which is the legal deadline. Who has more money?

The money situation seems to be very quiet right now. Why won't the Obama campaign come out now and warn people that the election will be bought?

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Monday, July 23, 2012

A Polite Fail

The Obama campaign does not seem to recognize politeness or failure. The following story from an Obama advocate may read like an Obama success, but I read it differently.

Read Kristine's story before I babble on.

Did Kristine turn around Ron?

Ron's initial response was a vague noncommittal response. The fact he didn't mention who he was supporting could be interpreted as a polite "please mind your own business."

After Kristine's pitch he does say he will vote for Obama but finishes with a recognition of hard work on Kristine's part. I see multiple things happening here:

  • Acquiescing to vote for Obama will successfully end the pitch.
  • Praising Kristine's candidate makes her feel good.
  • Kristine is Ron's customer and making her feel good will probably guarantee future work.
  • Praising her work is a talking skill that many employers develop to make workers feel good. See previous point.

Ron is a businessman and most businessmen do not like Obama. Maybe Kristine did get another vote for Obama. Maybe Ron secured a customer for life.

One thing is for certain. Subtext escapes the Obamanites.

Releasing Some Frustrations ( Green Balls? )

If you are like me you hate having the mantra and religion of green, climate change, carbon, renewable energy, and sustainable systems ( have I forgotten anything? ) shoved down your throat. You know these are code words for taking your money for the good of the community to spend it on failing flopping ideas. Sometimes you just want to blow it all up.

So much of your money is dumped into these failures you want to do something about it. Actually tearing down the atrocities means absolute zero return of your tax dollars. You know you need to be patient. You know you need to let it stand so it can prove itself a failure. Then you can say "I told you so."

But still…


   …you just want to blow it all up.

Blow it all up.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

It still won't die! It just keeps coming back!

What if this story is true?

Obama's Kenyan birth certificate was recorded in England under the jurisdiction of the British Colony in the Protectorate of East Africa. It now resides in the British National Archives.

So we can get the documents from the British government right? No. The records were sealed in 2009 corresponding to a timeline when Hillary Clinton was in the country. Read the full conspiracy here.

Why won't this issue just die. I might have my head in the sand, but I don't want it to be true. If it is, it means treason on many people's parts. Then what is to be done with them?

Crazy Grants : July 12th

Alcohol Research Resource Awards $500,000
Research alcohol.
34th America's Cup $1,300,000
Provide fencing, signs, parking management, and litter collection for a private boat race.
Fish Community Assessment in Eastern Rivers and Mountains Network and Integration with Existing Monitoring Data $67,000
Maintain a fish database.
FY13 Coral Reef Conservation Program Domestic Coral Reef Conservation Grants $50,000
Coral reef preservation.
FY13-14 CRCP State and Territorial Coral Reef Conservation Cooperative Agreements $500,000
Coral reef preservation. Yeah. Just like the grant before this, except ten times more.
Fiscal Year 2013 NOAA Gulf of Mexico Bay-Watershed Education and Training (B-WET) Program $100,000
This is money for "an environmental education program that promotes locally relevant, experiential learning in the K-12 environment."
Species Recovery Grants to States (Section 6 Program) $600,000
Money to study, count, or design conservation programs for water animals that are endangered, no longer endangered, candidates for the endangered list, or proposed to be candidates to be on the endangered species list. Basically money for anything involving animals in the water.
FY13 Species Recovery Grants to Tribes $100,000
Just like the previous grant except this is money for American Indian tribes to study, count, or design conservation programs for water animals that are endangered, no longer endangered, candidates for the endangered list, or proposed to be candidates to be on the endangered species list. Basically money for anything involving animals in the water.
BLM CA Conservation Lands Foundation 15.231 $200,000
Unable to decipher the proposal to know what the grant money is for. It is from the Bureau of Land Management. Amusing stipulation in the grant agreement:
7. Increasing Seat Belt Use - Recipients of grants/cooperative agreements and/or sub-awards are encouraged to adopt and enforce on-the-job seat belt use policies and programs for their employees when operating company-owned, rented, or personally owned vehicles. These measures include, but are not limited to, conducting education, awareness, and other appropriate programs for their employees about the importance of wearing seat belts and the consequences of not wearing them.
BLM CA Conservation Lands Foundation 15.225 $200,000
Same as previous grant above.
Cooperative Forest and Resource Management $100,000
Benefit the public through:
  • woodland restoration
  • fuels reduction ( benefit the public by making them use less fuel? )
  • watershed and wetlands protection
  • invasive species management ( benefit the public by killing animals? )
Specialized Heavy Vehicle Inspection Study $90,000
Conduct a study to see if companies that exceed commercial vehicle weight limits violate other safety regulations. Sounds like an excuse to look for more violations.
California Tiger Salamander Larval Density and Survival at Natural and Created Breeding Pools $20,000+
Part of an 11 year study to create baseline data of the density of California Tiger Salamander larval density and survival in natural and artificial environments. After that, will this be used to dictate land use and environmental policies if densities vary year from year?
Sacramento Orcutt Grass $25,000
Plant Sacramento Orcutt Grass on several protected sites. Planting Grass!

Today's Crazy Grants Total $3,852,000+

Today's Grants.gov Total $77,740,000+

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