Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Food : A Drunken Rant

I will eat what I want.

I almost want to stop the post there with that one line. It almost completely encompasses all I want to say, except it is more of a conclusion statement, but yet it is a bit of a deflection statement to an onslaught of "you should eat this" or "don't eat that." I guess for most people it is a bookend statement. Start with it and end with it.

Being a bit roped at the moment, I wonder what I will end with.

I miss meat. I am going one month without meat. I did a one day vegan thing, but that was too easy. So through twitter I announced I would be a vegetarian for one month. That means, for one month I would not eat anything that ever breathed, ... ( oxygen ).

I am my most worst enemy. That is true for many people. I keep my promise, and I want meat!

I think this experiment in a meatless month will result in a binge that will over-compensate for my restraint. When I was a teen I did no meat for lent. But now I am an atheist. I went no meat again for the experience. It has been hollow and made me bloodlust. I was more flexible as a teen. I am set in my ways at over 40.

Bacon. Steak. Rare flesh.

I have not grown sympathy for the ideals of the vegetarians. I have just grown a desire for any type of flesh.

I will eat what I want.

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  1. Nice blog. For a bit of light relief you might enjoy this cartoon about the food pyramid.