Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wyatt's Billboard

Local government can be every bit as oppressive as the federal government and its agencies. In the town of Lockport, New York, a business man is going to jail for violating a town ordinance. What horrible thing did he do? Images on an electronic billboard were displayed for less than 10 minutes.

The town ordinance states that electronic billboards can not display an image for less than 10 minutes. What on earth is wrong with the government? This seriously affects the income of electronic billboard owners. How long an ad is displayed should be between the electronic billboard owner and the company buying the advertising.

By making a limit of 6 adds an hour the prices of the ads will have to go up. If an ad could be switched every 30 seconds you can get more advertisers, rotate the ads, and get a better chance of having the ad seen. Basically the advertisers would get a better product.

Instead the town legislated that electronic billboards must deliver a crappy product. Have you read "Atlas Shrugged?" The government tries to make sure no one makes something better than another person. They set what the quality should be. Our government is doing that. CAFE Standards is an example so is this sign regulation.

What is wrong with the economy? The government is in the way.

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