Friday, April 27, 2012

A Sober President is Bad?

This week's Kruiser Control from Stephen Kruiser highlighted something completely absurd. Bashir used a commentary piece to say that a POTUS that doesn't drink would be bad.

I looked for the Bashir segment on YouTube and found it. There is no wittiness to it. It is incoherently all over the place. It is just, ... I want a better word than stupid, ... mmm ... incromulent.

The debate is getting ridiculous. We've gone along like this:
  • Attack : Romney traveled with a dog in a crate on top of his car.
  • Response : Obama ate a dog.

  • Attack : Romney's dad was born in a Mormon community that practiced polygamy ( his grandpa didn't practice polygamy ).
  • Response : Obama's dad, grandpa, and great-grandpa were polygamists.

  • Attack : Romney doesn't drink and that is bad.
  • Response : [ what will it be? ]
Obama did have that beer summit to quell racial tensions. Was he totally sober when he rankled racial tensions in the Trayvon incident? Maybe Obama should drink more. It doesn't mean Romney should.

Enjoy the video the best you can.


  1. >Attack : Romney doesn't drink and that is bad.
    Response : [ what will it be? ]<

    It's been said that Obama does "a little blow when he can afford it".

  2. Romney doesn't drink.
    Obama doesn't think.
    Romney could drink if his life depended on it.