Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Day Vegan

Dear PETA,

I am not totally adverse to your ideals, but your methods have been extreme. I do not wish pain upon other living things, but I must eat. Upon the concept of nutrition I will close this paragraph.

I just posted about how PETA provided New Jersey with toilet paper. That is a wonderful civic duty. You are to be commended.

Even though I do not live in New Jersey, I feel it is only right to take a day as a vegan. You did something honourable and I will not let it go unrecognised. I hope others do too.

I would like to express a bit about local gravity. After 9/11 I joined the Army. I expected that I would kill people. I ended up in intelligence and provided information that could kill people. Regardless, my intentions were I would, will, and did kill people. A person like that doesn't give two shakes over an animal if he is willing to smite a fellow. Hence I will always be an omnivore without guilt.

One day. I step away from my precepts to honor yours.

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