Monday, April 23, 2012

Hero Pot Shots

Oh the conceit. The round up video for what the president did this past week uses this image as the thumbnail.
It's like he's begging us to make fun of how smug he is. And do you know what the file name for the image is?
Hero. Really?

Okay. That is a pot shot. The president does not make the video, update the website, or name the files. That is the staff's responsibility. This is really a non-issue.

What has been happening recently in politics is insanely stupid. Everyone has been making a big deal about little things. What has been happening on twitter has become of news interest. Twitter! Really?

Of course it turns out it was insanely stupid to comment on Romney putting his dog in a crate on the hood of his car. Was it cruel? Hard to say. Maybe the dog enjoyed it. Does anyone know? Dogs seem to love sticking their head out of the window.
Then of course there was a lash back when it was pointed out that Obama ate a dog.

Are we seriously going to keep doing this? Are we going to continually keep being petty?


The White House continually tries to make the president look better by trying to make Romney look bad. Unfortunately they are doing it with petty issues before looking at whether or not it could backfire. Maybe that is part of the strategy.

The lash back has been louder than the initial attack. Could this paint the Republicans as petty since their petty commentary is louder? Are the Republicans falling into a trap? The tweeting of this stupid stuff is making the news, and it is not news.

For all of the problems we are facing, is this election going to become a bad sitcom? Is the position of one of the most powerful people going to be decided on bad jokes on twitter?


Look at how the press covered the election the last time. They had tingles running up their legs. They made news stories of the expense of a wardrobe. They focused more on the qualifications of a vice presidential candidate than the qualifications of the presidential candidate and the American public ate it up.

The American public is stupid and they get to vote.

Remember, this November. Vote early and vote often. Don't let the American public choose the president again.

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