Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Obama Girl Smacked Down

Glozell is so much hooter hotter than Obama Girl. I don't care what you think. Glozell is it!
Okay. Is she dissing Romney with this Obama Girl spoof?

As Kolanda she talks about Obama and health care. Unfortunately embedding this video is disabled, but follow [ this link ].

It is fairly safe to say that Glozell does not show her political view. She is an equal opportunity sarcastic commentator.
Okay. Maybe she leans right. But she won't be obvious about it. But that's okay.


Curves. If you're still going through this post and watching the videos, I know you are probably enjoying the curves. She gave us a treat a couple weeks ago.
I love a Rubensesque woman. Obama Girl can not hold a candle to Glozell.

Glozell is a great YouTube star. She is constantly pouring out creativity and humor. She has wonderful pop culture criticism. She is a YouTube Picasso.

I have been unable to find the quote, but I believe it is a Picasso quote. So let me paraphrase from memory.
I do many paintings in that one among them is brilliant.
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