Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trayvon Conspiracies

The Trayvon Martin case has been something I have not wanted to write about. Nor have I wanted to write about how the press have presented the story or that activists have rushed to judgement. There are so many people and sites doing this. We have media saturation on almost every angle.

Then I got smacked in the face with this cold fish. Trayvon Martin was killed so that Dick Cheney could have his heart. This idea is supported by numerology and the fact that Trayvon's dad is a Free Mason.
If you don't believe that, maybe you'll believe that the Trayvon incident was orchestrated to start a war between the black community and the hispanic community.
After the first video I had to do some digging to look for more of this craziness. It is out there and mostly in blog comments. There are other videos that are meandering and never seem to get to a point. Go hit up a search engine and see what conspiracies you can find. You will be amazed. Definitely watch the ones that use numerology to prove their point.

Either your jaw will drop in disbelief or you will laugh yourself silly.

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