Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dog Meat?

What did I miss? Did the conservative movement go completely Bill Maher or Korean on me? Why is #ObamaDogRecipes popular?

Listen. I have nothing against dog meat, though I never had any, as far as I know. But there is a derogatory connotation to it in the matter of cuisine in the American diet. Cows are taboo in the Hindu diet. So meat prejudice is cultural.

But dog. How did that come about? Really!?

Maybe it is to speak of on coming desperation. But if you want to make a joke of desperation, turn to cannibalism. That might be rough, especially when it is true. North Korea has a problem with cannibalism.

Realistically, we have horses being slaughtered for meat, now. I do not know why we consider horse meat inferior meat. We bet on racing horses, not cows or steers. Superior racing horses are sought for copulation of new champions.

Why don't we have tasting championships of the offspring of cattle to see whom has a tastier offspring? I am not trying to sound like a PETA activist. But seriously. Why don't we challenge for a more superior cattle? We challenge for a superior horse for speed, but eating is inferior?

Something must be wrong with me. I have not had horse but I want to try it. I want to try dog! Cat! Squirrel! I am a carnivore. I just came off of a one month vegetarian stint so I am biased towards an iron rich diet.

But back to politics. Why #ObamaDogRecipes? How the eF did the originator miss the legalization of horse meat? How did a hash tag joke turn to fiction instead of a kernel of truth to push a point?

Why did conservative humor make me feel ashamed tonight?

Obama ate dog as a kid. When you are young you eat what your parents give you.

I still say that #ObamaDogRecipes is in poor taste.
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  1. Wake up http://badjournalist.blogspot.com/2012/04/why-obamadogrecepes-is-trending.html

  2. The Pupster is just saddened by so called Conservatives jumping on this silly bandwagon. I agree. People with principles should stay the Hell out of this particular political dog fight.

    Just go read some Buckley for a while and we'll let you know when when the political discourse swings back to substance and relevancy.

  3. What? It's like you dared me.