Friday, April 6, 2012

Student Loans and the New Victims

Everyone in the country is pushing for more and more free stuff. The #Occupy movement had kids screaming for free college or forgiveness of student loans. We are having people arguing that college should be free.

One of the ways to get traction for a movement to get free stuff is to have sob stories that show why the item of interest should be free. The #Occupy movement has been its own worst enemy because of the behavior of the people. It is hard for us to have sympathy for these people. So a new face is needed that will make you feel that something needs to be done.

Who are the new victims of student loans? Grandma and grandpa. Senior citizens are still paying off their student loans. Some senior citizens have even had their social security checks garnished because of delinquent payments of their student loans.
Unfortunately there is one fact you can not get around no matter how sad someone tries to make the stories. These people chose to get a loan and go to school instead of getting a job. They never had to get that loan in the first place. It was a decision and a commitment to go to school for several years and a decision to go into debt to do it. They received the product. There is absolutely no argument for making it free. It was a conscious decision.

College is becoming a scam. It is necessary for many careers, but it is not necessary for everyone. You can find many videos of the college myth or the college scam. Here is one of them.

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