Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Republicans Will Hurt Predicting The Weather

The Republican budget will prevent the government from sending up weather satellites. This will hamper predicting the weather. This will hamper giving enough time to warn people to evacuate. Scare tactics? Gimme a break.

When a hurricane is coming we know about it days ahead of time. If you don't evacuate it is your own fault.

What about ground Doppler radar? That is used a lot. NEWS stations will boast about having better or more of these. Sounds like we have a lot of private sector investment in weather prediction.

But back to the satellites. How about private sector solutions, like say, Geo Optics Inc.? Their business model is to sell data so that it is affordable. They already have plans for a 2013 system. How about since a private industry has plans and a budget we just buy the data?

If scraping the space shuttle program in favor of private industry, which is not there yet, we scrap the government program for an already operational private program? Problem? Probably because it takes away a talking whining point.

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