Monday, October 1, 2012

Something the Obama Administration got Right is a nice website to get tipped off on different news stories about outrageous stuff the government is doing. However, the site takes a decidedly slanted left stance on the stories.

Both AllGov and the Sydney Morning Herald have given the Obama administration a little dig for something that they did right! It seems these two news organizations think it is unprecedented for an administration to label someone that leaks government secrets, even during a time of war, an enemy. The Obama administration considers WikiLeaks an enemy and that is unprecedented?

WikiLeaks is an enemy of the U.S.!

The only way I could be against the Obama administration on this would be their reason for doing so. We have to get into conspiracy theory here.

Could this just be a method to clamp down on free speech? The recent attacks on the U.S. in the Middle East in which the Obama administration blamed a YouTube video, blamed a private citizen that was arrested on "unrelated charges," tried to have this video taken down, shows the administration's abhorrence of free speech.

I, however, think they just got it right. Leaking government secrets is bad.

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