Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lesser of Two Evils

I'm not voting Obama or Romney. I keep hearing that my "protest" vote is a vote for the other guy. If I am not voting for your candidate of the two front runners you probably think the same thing.

My vote can not be a vote for "the other guy." It does not get counted for them. If both sides feel it is, then it obviously is not. It is a vote for my candidate.

Do you want to see Obama with four more years? Do you want to see Romney as president? The two mainstream candidate supporters will ask you one of these questions to scare you into their candidates camp. They will tell you that these two are the only ones that have a chance to get elected. You need to vote for the candidate that can beat the one you dislike the most. If you do not you are throwing away your vote, or your vote is really for the guy you dislike the most.

You are not throwing away your vote!

Why not? Because you are helping to ensure that whomever wins does not win by a majority.

A majority win is an awful thing to give a candidate. They will use it as a reason to push their will. They will claim that it is a mandate from the people for him to implement his policies. This is dangerous thinking and reasoning.

If you do not like either Obama or Romney, do not vote for them, but still vote!

Do not believe the claim that this is the most important election ever. Do not believe the lies that this is not the time to turn to third party candidates; wait four years to do that. We hear these lies every presidential cycle. If you want a third party candidate, vote third party! It is your vote!

If you vote for the lesser of two evils instead of whom you consider a good candidate, what does that say about you, voting for evil instead of good?

Those of you that are Obama and Romney supporters that use the lesser of two evils argument instead of convincing people your candidate is good, what does that say about you? What good person convinces another to go with evil instead of good?

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