Sunday, October 14, 2012

Energy Independence : What a Crock

I am sick of this "Energy Independence" that the politicians talks about. One set of people mean as switching to renewable energies : solar and wind. Another set of people mean it as drilling for oil and keeping it for ourselves. Granted, this is an over-simplification.

Renewable Energies

If renewable energies were good the companies would not keep going bankrupt! The government has been dumping too much of our money into them. The government has no business doing that!

They can not legislate physics to do what they want!

This means no matter how much legislation you make you can not make renewable energy perform better. Only scientist and research can make it better and only if it is possible. Dump all the money you want into research, it does not mean you will find a way to make it cost effective.

More Oil

Yes, it would be nice if we drilled for more oil. It would mean more jobs here. However, it does not necessarily mean the price of oil would drop. The price of oil is pretty much set by the global economy. The US buying power helps us to purchase it at a reasonable price compared to other countries.


This energy independence talk is just ridiculous. Our energy is produced here. There are no wires coming in from another country powering us. We produce the energy ourselves.

The issue is fuel. By continuing to talk about "energy" we screw up the conversation. Energy needs to be reframed as different concepts.
  • Fuels
  • Production Methods


Are we talking about isolation? The independence talk eludes to the idea we will not buy fuel from the global market. Why?

We are not food independent nor manufacturing independent! Why do we have to be energy independent?

Any leveraging another country might exert against us may drive prices up, but we do have many forms of producing energy. If oil prices worry us, look at what is happening now. So far gas is high and we have a bad economy, but we are still here and we are not rioting like other countries.

We can get through and come up with a way. Chances are at some point private industry may ignore government and just do what must be done. Damn the regulations and step up and provide the country what it needs. More energy, not more laws.


We can stop talking about energy independence by talking about regulations. Regulations are out of control.

People believe the regulations protect us and keep the environment clean in regards to mining and extracting fuel. The problem is that there are two tipping points in regulations that end up hurting us and cause production to move out of country:
  • Regulations that deny fuel extraction
  • Regulations that make fuel extraction no longer cost effective

We are hurt in two ways.
  • Loss of jobs
  • Dirty environment

The loss of jobs is obvious, but dirty environment? That is what happens. The countries that end up accessing the fuel do not have as stringent environmental policies as the US. This becomes a case of "not in my backyard" solutions that still affect us.

The environment is supposed to be global, so it does not matter where the pollution happens. In the end by us not having a more reasonable set of regulations we let someone else do it in a dirtier method.

Energy independence. What a crock. No one is making sense.

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