Friday, October 5, 2012

Bad Obama Swag : Part I

This post is similar to the Bad Obama Clip Art post except I was able to do it all in one place, It is meant to amuse due to the poor execution of the product or even absurdity of the political message whether intended or unintended. Both pro and con Obama swag will be used if it is bad enough.

Due to the over use of the dog memes I automatically fill this in as "I ride inside his stomach."

Sort of throws Biden under the bus and asks "why isn't Hillary the VP nominee?"

Self identifying moocher.

Another subliminal dog eating item. Not to mention it puts the earth before people. Save the earth before you save people.

Comparing Obama to Jesus. Nice. And since when did Jesus threaten people with jail and force to take their money and give it to other people? (Socialist)

This screams oil company. It is a hybrid of STP, Exxon, Esso, and Standard logos. Just reminds me of gas prices.

Funny. Some are reasons to vote against Obama.

Nice reminder that Obama killed our space missions.


Didn't this get Adam and Eve kicked out of the garden of Eden? Is this why America is kicked out of the garden of prosperity?

Silhouette crowds are used so often now to represent zombies I just think "Obama Zombies."

GM, Government Motors. Remind us of the volt and wasting our money.

How is this still an issue? Because what the Democrats considers rights for women infringes on the rights of others, especially unborn children.

Makes me think of the indoctrination videos we see of teachers having kids sing praises for Obama. As innocent and happy as this is supposed to look I get a creepy Orwellian feeling from this.

Keep Calm? That's what you say in a disaster. Why re-elect a disaster?

Yeah. Right. This guy that didn't want to go after him in the first place.


An endorsement from a crazy cat lady.

Why is the peace symbol used for nurses?

That crown just screams king. Creepy. Is that what they want? Probably.

Another Jesus juxtaposition.

Make fun of an event that was part of the founding of the country and insult women at the same time.

QUOTE: "There has never been anything false about hope."
Until now that is!

Who's the VP candidate?

Doctor = Slave of the State


This is opposed to having core values. You get to HOPE he CHANGEs his mind for a moment and gives you what you want.


now means "Latinas"

You are now property of Obama.

From the "Choom Gang"

Larry, Moe, and Curly

Creepy one world order message. Bowing to the U.N.

Then you are not the 47%.

Don't women complain that men think with their wee-wee? How is this okay?

Remind me again of Obama's failed green policies.

Nutritional power?

Forced purchasing for all Americans, or go to jail.

This is presidential?

I bet you are wondering what on earth that means. AKA is Alpha Kappa Alpha, a sorority. Message still hurts my brain.

Ever feel like some t-shirt designers never watched the news?

Hippie creepy.

Do you read this as "I corrupt Chicago" too?


  1. Regarding O'bama, to which you responded "WTF?", maybe you don't remember that, around St. Patrick's day, the obamunists let it be known Obama's ancestry can be traced, through his mother's side, straight back to the Emerald Isle. I forget which clan name, but no doubt it was one that did something or other historic and important. Or at least that was no doubt the narrative from the obamunists.

    While we're on the topic of dubious geneological research, you may or may not also remember that, more recently, the obamunists attempted to claim that, amazingly, also through his lily white mother, Obama could be traced, if you ignore that family names aren't arbitrarily changed from one generation to the next, back to THE VERY FIRST BLACK AFRICAN SLAVE IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE or at least in Virginia or some such.

    It's so amazing that every single detail about Barack "Barry" Hussein Obama/Sotero winds up having such historic, momentous impact. You almost couldn't be completely lying through your teeth and come up with such a situation.


    1. So ... because he has Irish blood from his mom's side, his Kenyan name, I'm assuming Obama is Kenyan, from his dad's side is Irishfied. I stand by the "WTF?" but thanks for the info.

      Too tired to research the origin of the Obama name. I'll wait for someone to correct me.

  2. No worries mates, he's already won the election. But then again, if you'd like to keep nitpicking over senseless signs/logos and other made up propaganda, feel free, go right ahead. Maybe if Romney had actually shared his 137 point economic plans with anyone, (besides being vague and obtrusive,) he might have gotten more support. Seems there was a surplus when Clinton was in office and Bush just pi$$ed it all away on two senseless wars. Just because Sadam threatened his dad, he found an excuse (oh my goodness, they have WMD's!) to run to Iraq to get Hussein. Bush never helped the economy while in office, just his oil buddies. So people are fed up with the same old trickle down policies, (which don't actually trickle down,) and they voted for Obama. The only shame is that the dems didn't ring a new majority in the house like they did in the senate. I guess that'll have to wait two more years...