Friday, October 5, 2012

Bad Obama Swag : Part II

The designer really flubbed this one. The word "it" is over-emphasized and looks like the twin towers, then "cool" jumps out at you. With Obama's critics harping on him about not visiting the memorial site early in his term, this design reminds of what is wrong with Obama.

"O" is for obnoxious.

Follow the linked image. This is on flip-flops.

More creepy kid induction.

Yeah. Right. As the information comes out, it is obvious how weak he is!

Uhm, how many people will see these nurses support?

Just looks soooo wrong.


There are soooo many variations of this. Some are just an "O." Since Oprah had "O" magazine and has been around for soooo long, these look like "Oprah for President" swag most of the time.

Did what?

A Che Guevara like pose.


Is this pro or con?

A bit awkward.


Immediate clue why Obama may not be a good choice.

Odd quote and swag considering the pandering to women and "Women for Obama" swag in his online store.

Good lawrd, really?

Just whom are you going to show your support to?


He's from Chicago. Has support from lawyers and now the teamsters. Nice.



Is it just me, or does this have a soviet feel to it?

Is this pro or con?


I'd like to think when someone votes they are voting for president, not on a decision of what to do to women.

Safe bet people don't believe in him.


Is this a Gary Johnson bumper sticker?

This explains the idealism of the misguided vote.

Somewhere an English teacher is cringing.

Why would you intentionally make you middle-class campaign look worn and washed out?

When is the last time you saw the Army invade a school?

Doctors have no right to collect a fee?

OMG. The confederate flag in the Obama logo. What what!?

Proud under-achiever? Is that you Bart Simpson?


No grandma! I do not want to know whom you like for president!

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