Saturday, October 13, 2012

Is there an Obama energy war?

The Cato Institute is a wonderful organization and day by day I realize I am more Libertarian than Republican or conservative. Recently Cato has released a couple of podcasts about Obama's energy performance, NOT policies, and the criticism he has received.

The Cato podcasts bring up some interesting points. If you are anti-Obama or strongly against his policies these podcasts might take a bit of your enthusiasm out of your objection to Obama's administration. However, maybe you will take away from these podcasts what I did:
  • Obama's opponents make a mountain out of a mole hill. Single incidents that they do not like are reframed as Obama's whole policy.
  • Cato has looked at how Obama has handled coal and oil seperately. It is a wider view of what has happened across the board in those individual energy fields and whether or not there are differences from his predecessors.
  • The Cato podcasts do not address Obama's overall policies. An even wider look would show that what looks like a lack of change in oil and coal policies ignores the tendency to promote wind and solar over coal and oil.
In the end, for all of the information these podcasts gave, it can be considered a bit of a highlighting of how incompetent Obama might be. Obama has stated he wants to limit coal and oil. Has he failed to do that?

Depending on how wide or narrow we change our views on politics changes the perception of what is happening. Also, we need to remain conscious of the differences are between what a politician says the will do, what they set up as policies, and what actually happens.

Sometimes what actually happens is less important than what they want to do. If some one says over and over they are going to stab you but don't do it does not mean you ignore them. One of those times they will try and you will want to be on your guard!

War on Oil

War on Coal

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