Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bad Obama Swag : Part III

Nothing like a misspelled slogan to convince people.

So is this pro or con?

It looks like Obama is about to moon someone.

Bad luck.

More Obama undergarments.

Use the family dog for a pity vote?

What body part will you use to decide your vote?

Try saying it. Just awful!

RT? Respiratory Therapist. Yeah, that obscure.

Have you seen Detroit?

This is anti-Obama, right?

I thought he was for amnesty!

Well, if there is no shame in saying you are the 47% ...

Is this pro or con?

Betty Dancers? Oh ... belly dancers. Just how niche does this get?

This is quite niche.

A government run health care system couldn't possibly make any health decisions that affect you. Yeah ...

Since when is pro-abortion pro-family?

I see you couldn't count the number of stars above and below the word "arithmetic" to make the design balanced.

There's a double entendre there.

Looks more redneck than soviet.


Oh puke! Gag me!

Then you probably don't know your sticker is printed in color.

Logo position suggests "Gynecologists for Obama"


Real classy folks.

Just plain stupid and awful.

I am not totally sure what I am looking at and I am not about to tell you what I think it is.

Yes Wii Can

Costa Ricans

This is in the Bad Obama Clip Art

No kidding.

That hat has go to hurt!


Women fisting?

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