Monday, October 8, 2012

Department of Energy ruins the Jack-O-Lantern

It is National Energy Action Month and the Department of Energy would like you to increase awareness by "geeking out" your Jack-O-Lantern. At a time when bullying is such an issue and we are having absurd anti-bullying laws we have a department of the federal government urging kids to be geeky at a time they should be scary for the season? That's just begging kids to make themselves targets to get picked on!

You can download a PDF of some recommended patterns for your pumpkin(s). The following is a thumbnail of the patterns:

Jeez! What kid doesn't want to carve a light bulb in their pumpkin instead of a scary face?

This probably is not a big deal except for the fact that parents might get involved in this idea. Why would a parent have light bulbs and windmills on their kids pumpkins instead of scary faces? Because the DOE will post images of your Lame-O-Lanterns that you send in. Some people just can't resist that bit of Internet fame by having their handiwork displayed on a government site.

Thanks to the DOE, some kids are going to have a lame Halloween.

DOE ends their blog entry with Happy “Energy-ween!”

I am a bit surprised they didn't go with Happy Hallo-green!

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