Monday, October 22, 2012

Final Presidential Debate

I was dreading this debate. The foreign policy debate. The most useless debate.

Foreign policy is a fluid issue and is nearly pointless in having a whole debate about it. Foreign policy as part of a debate is fine.

The only concrete thing to really argue about is what the incumbent did right and wrong. From there the arguments are from hind-sight which is 20/20. You can also argue what your general stance is about the role of the US and the military and whom we should be friendly with. Unfortunately in the real world this can all turn on a dime based on world events so the debate is useless.

Did you notice how quickly the candidates turned to talking about the economy and education?

I did not finish watching the debate because wow, boring and useless. I did catch a little of CNN analysis when it was over. I thought it appropriate that the clueless Soledad O'Brien was interviewing the clueless undecided voters.

I found it interesting that throughout all of the analysis of arguing who won the debate that in the end most CNN pundits said it didn't really matter; what matters is who wins the election.

Sometimes CNN gets it right.

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