Sunday, October 28, 2012

Obama Campaign Redefines American Flag as "FORWARD"

The whole controversy of the Obama logo in the American flag was B.S. It was not a controversy. All sorts of politicians use the American flag and redesign it into their political campaigns. Red, white, and blue is patriotic, and we all feel patriotic. So we package ourselves in the American flag.

What is wrong is to instead of saying you are American, you are patriotic, is to say America is you. The American flag stands for you, not the country.

And now the Obama campaign has stepped over the line and done that.
A video posted on the Obama campaign's YouTube channel is titled "A Symbol of Moving Forward" and uses an image of the American flag. I thought that there is no way that this could be as bad as it looks. I thought this must be a coincidental title and image juxtaposition. I was wrong.

Now the Obama campaign itself does not equate the American flag with Obama's vision of Дmєлiќa, but the title insinuates it means "Forward." What they have done instead is let the Chief Operations Officer, Matthew O'Connor, of a small business that makes American flags redefine the flag for them. He gets the symbolism completely wrong.

The United States flag was created as a symbol of moving forward. Written into the fabric of the flag is the notion of change. As a living example we can constantly improve and reach our greatest potential.

The stars on the blue field represent a new constellation. In 1795 the flag bloated to 15 stripes. In 1818 a law passed fixing the number of stripes to the original 13 stripes to honor the original colonies and the number of stars would represent the number of states.

Fixed design. Represents the states. Honor the past. Where's the change? Where's the "forward?"

People coming to America see it as a land of freedom, liberty, and opportunity. Many of us see the flag as a symbol of freedom and liberty.

We do not see the American flag as a symbol of change. We do not see it as a symbol of "forward."

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