Monday, September 17, 2012

GreenPeace is coming for your Internet

Nothing, I mean nothing is okay for the "Green Movement" if it is man made. Environmentalists won't be happy till we are naked and living in caves. Green is all about devastation.
What is up on the chopping block now? Streaming media. Why? Because instead of buying physical media people are downloading the same thing over and over again in a streaming form. This means we need server farms. Server farms need electricity. Producing electricity is bad for the environment.

It is better to buy a CD than stream it. It is more "green." Even though it is made of plastic? I guess it is all about the "carbon footprint." Get rid of that pesky CO2. Planet doesn't need it. Plants don't need it, do they?

Greenpeace has been highlighting the threats to the environment that big internet companies are through their server farm energy consumption.

There is a wacky solution. With as cheap as storage is becoming, have everything ever made on a storage device and you pay to unlock items. No way hackers would find a way around that, is there?

Again, these people will not be happy till we have nothing. A pile of dirt is more important to them than a person.

Get their goat and participate in CO2 day!

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