Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ghost Busters' Civil Rights Busted

This is a proceeding court case. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Found at Courthouse News Service, some paranormal investigators were wrongfully arrested during an investigation and they are suing. For the details we need to look at the submitted court document.

Diane Briscoe and her two sons, Jonathon and Alton, were hired by Debra Riggs-Robinson to investigate her house in Upland, PA, for paranormal activity.[11,12] At the time Diane was employed as a police officer by the City of Chester.[10,12]

At approximately 8:30pm on September 19th, 2010, the paranormal investigation was in progress.[13] At that time Officers Carr and Jackson entered the house without just cause, legal justification, or a search warrant. At gunpoint, the officers forced the investigation team to the ground and handcuffed them. During this time Diane informed the officers that she too was a police officer, had permission to be in the house, produced the house key, and offered the house owner's phone number.[14] Diane and her sons were charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct.[16]

Charges against Diane and Jonathon were dismissed on November 10th, 2010.[17] The charges against Alton were dismissed on January 19th, 2011.[18]

Like a bad joke, it gets better.

The Upland Borough police department has not disciplined or trained officers who violate citizens rights.[28] Nor has it properly trained them in their constitutional, statutory, and department authority limits.[29] Even more amusing, at the time the police department was on notice to correct these problems because of violations prior to this incident.[31]

If you go to Upland, PA, to do a paranormal investigation be sure to pack holy water to protect yourself from the ghosts and a .45 to protect yourself from the police.

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